Saturday, August 20, 2011

The presidential choice this Aug 27th and my sentiments!

@Kelvin..i admire your matured mindset...if you have followed my comments , you will feel my underlying messages in many of my notes and my Blog.

As a person, Tony Tan ( TT) is great in his portfolio, has benefitted by the system and his uncle Tan Chin Tuan of OCBC...But a mindset of a person after years of PAP indocrination and subservient to the master..even I will not betray my master...!!

S'pore definitely need a change..not because PAP is not good all those years..They are one of the best in the world as a government...But as the modern era of change overtakes the compassion of human love of his citizens...the new breed of ministers are way too arrogant and just blast their mind off 'themselves' and others. And have you ever seen any policies these last 5 years being reversed for the citizens benefit..all for the party system!!

As a government maintains its status quo and dominance without a strong say from opposition...S'pore will one day fall into an authoritarian state...And for sure I do not want any opposition that is wishy washy and in the end complicates matters that dissolve S'pore's peaceful lives of its citizens..We saw all the civil disturbance overseas...We do not want all that happening in S'pore..On that note the ruling party has done well.

I always believe democracy is when you are in power , the democracy is your benchmark to let loose or tighten..too loose..may be mayhem..too tight,dissent of citizens...Can any government do better..All people in power are as a powerful as they have to be..No different from any opposition party when in power...So this is politics.

Why I step into the arena when I was a backseat observer and commentator writer...I do not want PAP to think that they are the supreme power above almighty..So in life..there must be checks and balances...I do not need fame or fortune at this stage of life...I had travelled more than half the world,mainly with my family and in the course of work and why should I be locked dead in politics at my age..If i think politics is my cup of tea, I would have entered it long ago! BUT when money is the main 'lugworm' in politics, and the obscene huge ministers and president's paycheck at the expense of citizen taxpayers, it is the death of serving one's nation and its people !!

As a voice of the poor and doing volunteer para-counselling, my heart aches when rich S'pore is not doing more for the real poor in the streets..Seeing many selling tissues and collecting cardboard, is this a Swiss standard of S'pore??..These people should be rounded up by MCYS and put in a home for destitute..S'pore has too much red tape ..for poor and aged people to live a dignified life. The lower 20% overall poor are downtrodden into misery !!

And my few years in two... third world countries made me appreciate our own motherland more..But the government must show greater compassion in the area of poor and medical care..which in his speech PM LHL is trying to do ...Talk is easy..reaching out is the right direction !! I am always emotional to the cause of the poor when all the ministers are living in their ivory towers...not because I envy their riches...But please have a stronger heart for the people (especially for the poor and senior old folks).

Do they really know how to empathize with the poor??...Why at times I hold no punch even to criticize the ministers' indifference..because I have been with the Grassroots for six years to know all the idiosyncrasies of human behavior!! Human generally become snobs and act out-of touch (many ministers are like that when they reach their pinnacles..though there are exceptions)...Too rare..too rare everywhere in the world! I stand corrected. Regards.

So ..we need a true independent president ..not a clout..TT is not a bad person ..He is too good to be true..Thank you!

patrick lee song juan
(copied and pasted from my note in FB)