Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The four presidential hopeful Tans fighting for the last 'High Breath'

Never in the history of Singapore or the world we have such uncanny coincidence of four TANs vying for the highest office in S'pore! Many will suspect, is it the pay and the easy job that they are going into it or is it the true calling for the heart and care for S'poreans?

We commence with Dr Tony Tan, the veteran PAP MP and all the portfolio of titles he held before and even into the last minute of wanting to be president. But, the rules (and that is man made) stipulated he got to resign from his last grand office of SPH as chairman to stand for the elected president. Was also Deputy Chairman of Government Investment Corporation (GIC)

All that followed in his speech, in his walkabout and till his final rally speech at Boat Quay today...I can only derive that..the mould of PAP existed in his system and his blood type when flow will not be O or A or AB but 'PAP'...And with his age and his wealth, is there anything in life that he had not achieved and conquered?...He still wants to be president of S'pore...i feel sad that a once great man of PAP and a very loyal man has to be subjected to the cries of boos of the people's 'emotional dilemma'(using George Yeo's words).

Has PAP really lose their 'directional compass' that it must be a PAP crony and no one else ?? Please deliberate.. TT looked tired, somewhat fragile and slow in reflective movements..Is life not more important than be the president of S'pore...What had he not achieved in life that other's can never even smell ??

Dr Tan Cheng Bock...successful doctor in his own rights, showed compassion of heart as a doctor and have the moral dignity and courage even as a PAP MP to go against policies affecting citizens. His courage to be himself those years distinguished him as an independent thinking man..and I particularly like his view on the NMP issue which I personally think is a facade of PAP's gimmick to full control of parliament ( bringing in people that was not elected by citizens)..And it when further to NCMP!! The loser got a chance to warm the comfy luxurious leather seat in prliament..It became a double-edged sword for PAP..and we saw Sylvia Lim shined like a 'virgin rose' in her delivery and rebuttal to those million paid scholastic nerds of the 3rd and 4th Gen X of ministers!

TCB walkabout , and forum talks and charisma with people is a natural..Many respect him as a person, though with PAP for more than 25 over years....He shows fairly strong 'moral compass, ' but the stigma of the ruling system's man still holds..He is old but look more sturdy than TT...though on close-up shot, his countenance hid fatigue sign..Take good care Dr TCB.

Mr Tan Kin Lian...his name is synonymous as the NTUC Income man who brought NTUC insurance to great heights...We all thought he would have fought for a seat under SDP during the GE. Know him and met him a couple of times at Chee Soon Juan private gatherings...But he harboured greater amibition to be the president of S'pore...Easier job and better pay, or is it ?

His last few day's of walkabout and forum discussion and his familiar name strike a chord with many...I kind of particularly like his symbol of 'high-five' (close and intimate with the common people, but may be a little childish!..

TKL may be an oppurtunist but a good opportunist and hopefully, his foray into this PE, will bear fruit for him...Nothing is certain in life...only death !!...Good luck Kin Lian!

My sukee Hainanese Mr Tan Jee Say (TJS)...met his twice at Leong Sze Hian's Forum, before he harboured the remotest idea to be the president of S'pore! and aspire to want to go into Istana...A small size short man about the height of Mabok Tan (the ex-MND nesting in his comfy 'dollar-note' stuffed-custom-made sofa, somewhere at home or his summer villa is good man!).

TJS, when I met him again at the Hainanese sukee coffee chat at Purvis Street on 13th of Aug after he declared to be a presidential candidate...His status shot higher than his 5ft 4ins height ! Though he did not change much in behaviour....He is trying hard to act that he is still the same TJS...We Hainanese are very affable and congenial to each of our kind (not that we are not friendly to others!)

TJS taking of only $500,000 per year as salary if voted in as president and the rest donate to the charity of his wish..goes well in many poor S'poreans (and believe me many S'porean are really poor in my volunteer for the poor, I attest to it !!)..But the fact that he is sincere and have a moral courage and 'moral right compass', put him way ahead of the pack...Whether TJS wil be voted in as president or not, is the people's choice..And last nite I attended his rally, thought I did not listen through his speech.

I left early due to having attended two seminars in the day at HPB..I need a good homeward bound bath and good rest..As tomorrow is another day with the presidential campaign reaching its peak till Friday's cooling day. Rapping up at 8 pm for a presidential broadcast on CNA's this Friday 26th for the four TANs and one TAN will go into Istana as the real president TAN chosen by the people. The other three just got to 'tan, ban ban tan!!'...tan kuu kuu!! {translation from Hokkien: 'wait..slowly wait..wait long long!}

Can that TAN break the 'scent of PAP-stained presidency', to be a true blue independent un-stained president in his own rights????

patrick lee song juan