Friday, September 9, 2011

Abolish GRCs and no more high deposit for GE candidacy.

Abolish GRCs and fix a deposit of $3000/- for each candidate permanently for the GE, nothing more !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 4:55pm
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Group Representation Constituency (GRC) is a political tool for the benefit of the ruling PAP and the unreasonable high deposit for a candidate to partake in a General Election (GE) is another deterrent !

Posted by Patrick Lee Song Juan on September 5

Since the day PAP introduced the GRC giving the excuse of minority representation, the political landscape and dominance became a deadset political tool to the ruling party...And because of GRC, opposition parties were and are still disadvantage by their unconstitutional boundary changes to benefit their partisan voters for a sure win.

But the general election on May 7th, 2011 saw the one great defeat of PAP, losing Aljunied GRC with big gun George Yeo demolished with his team (including an inert woman minister).. It was a shock awakening for PAP..Never in their 52 years of rule and their introduction of GRC did they ever think that their fortress will be cannon -balled with a big hole..

So, we must all rally and put a stop to their gerrymandering of political boundaries to win votes..and we must make as much noise as possible to pressure PAP to revert back to a single member ward for all constituency.

Though the opposition won one GRC in Workers Party...We must push on to totally abolish GRC and have a fair and even fight in all electoral single member ward without
any boundary changes whatsoever..

Can PAP stand up on that challenge not only from the opposition but all the voices of Singaporeans...PAP are not dense not to know the "emotional dilemma"... (I always like to quote George Yeo's famous phrase, because it reminded all S'poreans how high and mighty people would be shot down with just one good aim..hohohoo!)... of the citizens wish to engage in fair elections! Please have the moral guts to do it PM Lee!!

And please do away with such high deposit to qualify as a candidate (fixed it at $3000/-, last GE when up to $16,000/- real tough for many candidates to plead for public donation..and sure the public all chipped in to help, having having had enough of PAP's arrogant, willing donated to a noble cause !!)..knowing that many opposition candidates are 'poor church mouse'..That is another dirty tactic to deter opposition candidates to participate in the election...PAP just want to walk over in as many constituency as possible, hence put up all unjustified hindrances to the opposition parties...Uniquely PAP..and politics is always as dirty as a choked sewage pipe ! But PAP beat everyone in this aspect..LOL!

FOOTNOTE: If PAP is that kiasu..kiasee and kia-liao - they may compromise to reduce the GRC to 2 or maximum 3 member in each GRC. So PAP cannot give the excuse of no minority representation..A WIN-WIN situation for all. It may be a blessing in disguise for the ruling PAP..people may change their thoughts on PAP that they have become more socially accommodating to citizens' feedback and ideas and that will do PAP tons of good in the years to come and may still be the major political party around!
And in all honesty, PAP did do many good for the people of Singapore.What PAP should reflect will be in which area they had done to cause that much of discord and unhappiness among the peace loving citizens..And All of us are just asking PAP for a fair deal !! For me personally..I could not care less who governs S'pore...It is the track record...
I am only an accidental politician, I love my simple poor life and living happy!

patrick lee song juan