Saturday, September 17, 2011

LKY, the two-child policy and the ageing population.

Lee Kuan Yew(LKY), the two child policy and the ageing population!
.by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 12:11am.

"The policy to encourage families to stop at two children in the late 60s "had nothing" to do with Singapore's current ageing population and low fertility rate, said former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on Wednesday.

Now LKY is at it again to justify his failed policy of stopping at two. In 2003, when I was with Joo Chiat CC and during one of a dialogue session with grassroots with then minister-of-state Chan Soo Sen for Education, I asked whether the two child policy would one day caused a' population deficit' affecting S'pore's demographic !?

A tell-tail sign was emerging and foreigners were streaming in at a steady pace but not that tragic till this present moment of foreigner-infested S'pore. Chan tried to explain that those years due to the economic and S'pore's position and was still a young nation, a population explosion would cripple S'pore's many resources and infrastructure and if the economy then could not substain a great population increased, S'pore will suffer in many aspect . Fair answer! A short term solution to a long term disaster.

Forty-five years down the road, with the government's too far-sightedness, now citizens are suffering the indignity of a land we do not really call our own and we do not have more family members to share the responsibilities of caring for our aged parents.And behold! medical expenses had hit the roof...the popular jargon among poor citizens is " better die than fall sick and hospitalised." S'pore have progressed to First World country..but many of our poor and destitute are surviving on third world crumbs. Only the government and its ministers are first world Swiss standard high and mighty people living on the taxes of its citizens.

And in come the younger scholars of PAP, who rode the high wave into PAP stardom and ministership!..Singapore has changed to be so cold-blooded in many areas, though there are still the compassion showed by many well-wishers and charities for the poor and deprived. The government is not doing enough and all they want is the satisfy their high salary. The old age citizens are suffering for better care..The small family of one/two siblings are stretched to the limit of its tensile strength. IMH (Institute of Mental Health) is a welcome home for many stressed and depressed citizens..OMG!

Please give your take. I for one think the stop at two policy with the obstacles curtailing people with penalties if they have more children was a real bad policy, tantamount to threats on couples who want more children. Ageing population is a natural process of human life cycle. But if we did not stop at two and government did not impose such stringent penalties...Many of us would like to have at least 3 or 4 children...and from the 60s to now, we would have more or less a balance demographics of young and old age.

Please sir, do not stir up a controversial policy again.

patrick lee song juan