Monday, September 19, 2011

A New arising Sangha -Guojun.

When a child is born...all innocent, his destiny lies ahead in uncertain terms, in association, upbringing, environment, etc..

When a calling is there on personal choice or on personal agenda, it all started decently..And as human, the lurch of greed, lust ,craving, dishonesty and what-nots can alter one's course, supposedly with a noble beginning of thoughts...

Time will tell. Take the first 'so-noble' Ming Yi..and how he fell from the grace of tarnishing the Buddhist fraternity along the way..And has he repented ?? No he has not?? Let the force of nature be the judge!

Now we have this Guojun...In fact without Piya your mentioning I do not really know who the hell he is. Now I know! With so many title bestowed to him, he is surely on 'cloud nine'..and does he remain humble as our great Buddha??. By the way with your input of writing, guess this so called Ven. Guo Jun is leading himself and other Buddhist lay people into perdition or is it into nibbana?? He may be too power and aloof to remember where he came from!!??

Power corrupts..High sounding title blinds one's sense of own-realism and failed miserable if one's mind is not
trained to understand what are the core simple teachings and values of Buddhism....Many want a show of ostentation and recognition and might!

As a monk, the sin is Eight-fold (not the Eightfold Noble Path)..worst he is a member of the Sangha, propagating in the name of Buddhism and a religious leader in that calling to teach and practise the wrong values (if he really does that!??)...Gou Jun may be pseudo-great with all his titles. Many simpletons will hold him in awe and admiration of his title..We let our Dharma world judge him for his self-worth..Regards

We will have many Mingyi's to come , not only Guo Jun. Because the world is inhibited by human and the human mind...which is so unfathomable and unpredictble..The world's unfolding and sadness is all linked to the human world of the HUMAN MIND!...The animal world fares so much better! And beast are supposed to be wild and ferocious..But humankind surpassed that with 'flying colours.'..Human mind is the Devil's Advocate!

Upekkha and Karuna

patrick lee song juan