Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A good reflecton of what Politics is all about in Singapore!

A good reflection of what politics is all about in S'pore? It is the positive results!!.by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 11:46am.
I give Bong Kin Chen credit on his well written note..I am posting his first paragraph for all FB netizens' perusal...

{{{ At least risk everything to try with some political credibility that connects with the electorate. There is a vast difference and political significance between political bravery and political bravado. The former is precisely directed at the hearts and minds of the Citizenry with well reasoned logic which lingers on with permanency whilst the latter is blatant political melodramatic disturbance with the moronic intent of creating maximum economic chaos detrimental to one and all... Such wanton political action debases the alternatives' political agenda to no good in securing affirmative alignment. Everybody abhor violence but all will give good listening ears to logical reasons and well balance arguments for the truths }}}.

Below is my take on Bong's superb understanding of the political awakening in S'pore:--------

S'pore has its own unique political suffrage. We need a strong dichotomy of alternative views and strong presence in parliament to bring it to First World parliamenty as propounded by Workers' Party...As it is now for 52 years..many of us grew up with PAP...How much has we citizens gain and how much did we lose in the processs of nation building...We live through the times of slums and how its transformation brought along jobs and quality of living for all..Those were the happy reminiscent days of PAP's track record! No government should be allowed to hold power for more than 3 terms..PAP is in it like' till eternity', until the watershed GE which is not enough to ruffle even PAP tail feather, but many 'balls' dropped in the process!!..And we can see the cracks and drips here and there.

We need to wise up to decide which opposition is the real representative alternative voice to alter the course towards a more humane S'pore not for exorbitant salaried asses who never really 'walk the talk scholar ministers'....Gone were the LKY era of dedication for the call of duty and service to the nation...Now, it is you pay me first...and I enjoy my assets enchancement and 'F' care how the citizens suffered. OMG! Yes! not that the govervnment is not doing...they try hard but not hard enough..It is a case of give here and take more there. What is the difference...Great difference, citizens keep on Pay and Pay!

We definitely need a two-party or even a coalition party parliament like what Thai PM Yingluck (smart lady hor) and other countries are doing.S'poreans need to have faith in credible oppositions to give them a try not a tryst..It will work with checks and balances.Nothing confrontational...S'pore is not like America..S'pore is S'pore..can we afford to have civil unrest, public disturbance and all the unlawful assemblies to bring a cause to no avail ?? There are other more subtle ways of handling 'intelligent politics' and its angst.
Pride, ego and might is more a failure of one's weakness than anything else!

After the GE and the post mortem , we all know which parties are moving on and which are moving out..We citizens are no fools..especially the new world of new media and so many intelligent youth with better EQ far better than the high IQ pierrot younger ministers of PAP
and MPs..Just look at Tin Pei Lin, is she an MP calibre!!?? It is the 'open-corrupt' system's connections and all !!

Let us S'poreans put on our thinking cap and stay discerning, participating forward to a new political awakening and awareness that PAP cannot solely control the government forever..
Is there an 'archilles heed' (of PAP) for opposition to capitalise to better heights!??