Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear Friends

Through the beginning of time Men (i.e.) husbands are the dominant figure in the household - most so in olden times of subservience and due to cultural and religious inclinations.

The modern world has seen Women power and equality of sexes. As women are now more exposed to the working world, their perceptions of thought change and their mindset adopts a stronger view of life and its happennings. No more is the wife a weak housemaker and playmate to the husband.

Many husbands are to be blamed for their flamboyance and unable to be satisfied with only one wife and family unhappiness and divorces abound.

In our modern world of lust and power, temptation is the weakest link in most men. We succumb to the pseudo beauties in young and proportionate women and lose our soul in exchange for moments of folly and satisfaction. We men then lose our morality and betray our conscience and sinned. The good wives suffer.

On the flip side, wives may not be angels too. In this instance, if the men goes astray due to no fault of theirs but the wives inability to care and treasure the husbands and satisfy their needs - God bless the wives !!

Not all Men are unfaithful. We have the rare breed of good men ! The day will come to such good Men to acquire good karma.

Most seemingly happy facade of marriage, hid behind the dark days of struggle and unjustification. It may take enormous sacrifice to stay on course of an everlasting marriage. The greatest sacrifice is, most of the time, on the women, to close two eyes to the decadent world of men- the strongest of the sexes but the weakest link in morality .

Men and women (husbands and wife) must journey thru life observing SILA,
the moral aspects of living. The question I beg to ask is: How many Men in this
universe can steer on course ?

The power of great men is scary when come to wrong doing. We see it
unfolding now and then everywhere. Lesser men will do likewise.

Bill Clinton stood up like a sore thumb and was forgiven by Hillary.

Take good care.