Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Life in Singapore

Singapore has come a long way. The government did a creditable job to bring about a change of
lives for the average S'poreans. A dynamic change at that. The first 20 years. But not to this day.

Property prices soars, COL keeps going up, average salaries do not rise in proportion to our
daily life. Transport fare increased even the company is making a profit. Lost count the absurdities.

The last few years saw the unexplained influx of foreign labours to totally change the demography
of life in Singapore. The little 'red dot' is being squeezed to accommodate the new population to
a tune of 1.3 million on a population of 5 million. (26% of the population). Sheer madness !

The government in the meantime enriched themselves with 60% payrise after 2006 elections and
increase GST to 7% from 5%. Such is the draconian change we encountered, not the first 20 years
of nation building which the government did well.

The sweeping transformation in the last 10 years, put pressure on the otherwise 'sedate' life of
the average citizens. Nothing is within easy reached. Public housing, a noble move in the early
years for the poor is now pegged to the open market property movements . The government reaps
huge profit on new flats and the so-called BTO designed flats. Everyone cried foul inside and has no
tears to shed.

50 years saw a social divide as wide as the pacific ocean. The abyss cannot be fathomed.
Where are we heading from here? Are we not waiting for a new government to emerge?
Not with the strategic foundation of the present government. Every sectors of organisation
are the government's men. We are been curtailed by the very government we voted in.

Is there a deliverance?

patrick lee s j

Health is wealth. Knowledge is wisdom.