Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Public Transport

Hello Bharati and Keith (Talkback 93.8 FM )

Singapore's public transport is one of the world's most efficient. And it come with a price. With it it has always become one of the most expensive transport system compared to other parts of the world. It makes good profit each year, and keep on increasing its fare. Credit goes to our SMRT and SBS Transit.

Most human are born with an innate nature to be ostentatious. Many owned a car not out of
necessity but a kind of status symbol. In this modern context, a cheap status. With the hire purchase tuned to the consumer with zero downpayment and 7 to 10 years instalment of maybe as low as $500/- per month. Any Tom, Dick and 'Mary' can own a car. The unrealistic world of consumerism.

The government failed in this aspect to curb the increase of the car population, by not restricting the issue of COE to the minimum. The only reason is the government reaped millions in COE collections. And also the road tax on car's capacity, one of the highest in the world. So, is there a reason for the government to reduce the car population? They can if they wanted to. There are always choices in life. It is a matter of making the right conscientious choice. Is the government doing it?

Singapore has become a seemingly first world country, but the mentality of the ruling elites regressing to care more about the facade than the substance of truth.

patrick lee s juan

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