Friday, October 30, 2009

The Neglected People

A very relevant topic for airing. Senior citizens were the pillars of society. SMRT should have humane compassion and abolish the
restriction on the morning travel before 9am for senior citizens.
Many travel to work on the morning shift. Make it concession fare the whole day.

Government is encouraging senior citizens (SC) to work even there reached 62 years. Most of them are forced by choice to work because they do not have a nest-egg to live on. And with the prevailing small families in Spore, the two children are unable to support the parents especially if they themselves have a family.

I am the lucky some, who at 64 is so forward looking and engaging.
I have an annuity to live on comfortably. No organisation will employ an old man like me being over-qualified they said.

The council for third age is a mere lip service to look good.

Only some tourist attractions are giving concession to SC. In fact all
tourist attractions should do that. I know of some food outlets and restaurant giving special discount to SC on off peak dinning. So here it goes again "only off-peak period". How sad !

Are we SC the 'had been' of society at an age of vast experience to be discarded as trash in the rubbish bin.

The government is not doing enough to assist in this area.

We hope to live a graceful life in our golden years of mellifluous
reminiscences of our 'psychedelic' life experience.

A sad reflection of life in Spore's context.

Patrick Lee Song Juan
(Retired SC at 64 years)