Thursday, May 27, 2010

The political dynasty of the famiLEE

Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) is his father's son. The world knows who is Lee Kuan Yew. A 'demi-god'. Without LKY, there may be no LHL. The political hierarchy of the Lee family will perpetuate if it is not curtailed in time. LHL's son is in US under the taxpayer's scholarship, to be a would be successor. The political hegemony is the basis of continuation of PAP and his clowns....
Nothing is permanent in life and when LKY meets his Heavenly or Hell 'Father', the Lee dynasty will meet its gradual decline like all powerful empire of history.

As citizens, we have come to terms with living under the pappies for 50 years. Having no good oppositions coming forward to serve, and due to the 'fear factor' of political culture and 'assassination' we are in, many of us understand the impasse.

At present it is a heart-warming gesture that a few creditable opposition youths are openly challenging the system. My total respect to them.

As ground sentiments are more favorable now, PAP is worried what will happen nexr, come election time. Hence, the increase in NMP and NCMP to appease voters to still vote for Pappy, because we are putting more voices in parliament.

LHL is a daddy's boy and he thinks all citizens are daddy boys, too naive.
We want MPs of opposition to be voted in to have legitimate
voices not a wayang party show in parliament to say - 'aye, aye sir'.

We exercise our rights to vote and we make sure that there will be no re-inventing of the heir to the LEE dynasty.

We hope to see the last of PAP and famiLee hegemony slowly but surely. We will cast our right votes !!

Patrick Lee S Juan
(written on Facebook,
re-posted to my Blog)