Monday, May 31, 2010

Happiness and a measure of Darkness

Happiness and sadness (a measure of darkness) go hand in hand in our journey in life. In seeking happiness, the reality is not to go beyond one's expectation of something impossible. Happiness brings contentment and contentment is happiness.

A measure of darkness only befalls one who over-qualifies one's desire of want and unrealistic pursue of materialism.
Living beyond one's means is a sure measure of darkness.
The 5 C's in one's life may look good and dignified. But if one is living in debts and a life time of instalments, where is happiness but 'a measure of darkness'.

Patience and equanimity are the hallmark of a trained mind.
The full awareness of life destiny is the balance of love to hate, compassion to heartlessness, empathy to void of feelings.

The mantra to a happy life is never carry a weight of unrealism then the measure of darkness will dissipate in the far horizon.

patrick lee song juan

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