Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Money tempts the devils in S'pore politics

Money tempts the devils, if not why so many young graduates enrol into the PAP hierachy and as MPs or become Ministers, enjoy the finanicial comfort and the power of being in the PAP world.

Financial security is necessary for the daily needs of survival, beyond that if the greed for money outweighed your true dedication to a cause or a job, you are no better than a rat.

That is what happens to our government of money-faced ministers. The Holy Order of 'to serve' the nation is self-serving. and many MPs and ministers serve us by being absent and sleeping in parliament sessions. That is easy money and plenty of it.

True blue youth looks beyond the money factor into the human factor of engaging each other with the common goal of uplifting human life, assisting the poor and destitute; the emotional bonding of human affection which is all lacking in our government. Notably MCYS Vivian 'Balalanlan'. Driving the poor penniless to road's end when even pitching a tent in the park is outlawed. Without money, certainly is killing many people in S'pore, exacerbated by the government's incompassion and inflexible law against the very poor.

To the PAP and LKY, money is the motivator of human behaviour for PAP ministers to become untouchables and high-handed, showing no mercy to the suffering poor and penniless.

To a true human with compassion and benevolence, money will never motivate the evil aspect of human behaviour.

So we all see the difference. And money blinds the sighted who do not want to see, though they have eyes. NKF debacle, Ren Ci fiasco. the self-serving money big rats of charity. And a society of money chasing PAP corporations of Temasek and GIC through the blood and sweat money of the ordinary citizens.

So isn't MONEY the motivator of 'human behaviour' when falls in the wrong hands. The stained hands of PAP perpetrators !!

Patrick Lee Song Juan

(First written on Facebook,
copy and paste to my Blog)