Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reclaiming political space by the true blue youth of Singapore

Gilbert Goh is considered my friend. We met a couple of times when he was in S’pore. Good for you to step forward. S’poreans need people like you !! Fight for the poor. You were hesitant the last time I mentioned it in an email to you. We welcome you to kick some PAP dogs back into their kennels from their ivory towers !

Yes! the youth of today will be our leaders tomorrow. These youths need to reclaim the political space which is rightfully theirs.

The opposition youths possess great courage and expose themselves to the ‘fear tactics’ of PAP. Sueing the opposition and foreign press is PAP's cup of tea.

S’pore politic is heading to the graveyards if our true blue youth do not come out to claim what is righfully theirs. How can they just leave it to the PAP and the running dogs to decide the destiny of the citizens. Is 50 years of hegemony not enough for everyone to see the arrogance, the atrocities of policies befitting only the bastardy rich, the higher echelons of society and the government ministers. A social divide of unfair proportions !!

The majority of S’porean are irking out a living from hand to mouth. The senior old poor folks are the neglected generations of past pillars discarded like trashes and many have to work till their last breath. Imagine a frail figure, bent and under-nourished sweeping the ground or clearing the foodcourt tables. Then again, their very livelihoods are overtaken by foreign workers who come cheap, good and faster, with the famous phrase of the century by NTUC crony and minister in PMO's office Lim Swee Say.

We are really putting our hopes on the youth to reclaim more political space and freedom in replacement of the despotic one voice of LKY and his puppets. He was once a more rational leader in his early PAP years. Too authoritarian now. The dynastic chain of nepotism and favoritism must be curtailed.

Young Alex Tan is a name worth mentioning when he engaged the PAP(young dogs)Youth Wing, in a courageous debate some time ago and was barred by the young pappies in the Youth PAP forum.

I salute all these Youth (graduates or non-graduates), with a true heart for true opposition voices in parliament with strong, honest characters to serve the electorates.


(Written as comment for theonlinecitizen)

Patrick Lee S J.