Monday, May 31, 2010

Of Israel and Palestine

The protracted conflict of Israel and Palestine, a war that sees no winners only many innocent death. Why is it that human of the 'same flesh and blood' are unable to co-exist with one another? Is religious denomination that obnoxious that the survival of one must see the demise of the other ?

Many human fight for the rights to live, others fight so that another human be eradicated from the face of earth ?

Do we have the right to decide the fate of another human race ?...

Harmony, co-existence and peace for the greater world are the long term solution of the Middle East conflict.

No one race dictates the destiny of another. We exterminate our very own due to strong ego, pride, hatred, revenge and an eye for an eye.

"Thou shall not kill, revenge is mine to take". Have not all religions preach peaceful co-existence and greater tolerance of thy neighbours.

We live to live, we do not live to kill.

patrick lee song juan

(first posted on Facebook,
copy and paste to my Blog)