Saturday, February 4, 2012

The manipulation of the Human Mind- the truth and fallacy!

The manipulation of the Human mind...the truth and the fallacy!

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 7:13am

I studied the bible and scripture in my missionary school years and and had a distinction in my O level Bible Knowledge...But I embrace Buddhism for the practicality of the true daily living of moderation and middle path..

i am a meditation practitioner for many years with retreat hermitage meditation away from home...And that is why my assimilation of know-how is never too judgmental but disseminating!l

All religions are good is the evil of people that distorted and made it greed, in power, in desire, in lust, in every idiosyncrasies of human that can think of; to take advantage of another fellow human!....How sad, the fallacy of and manipulation of human...

Beast fare better! Beast have no god but they live by their conduct of 'survival for the fittest' in the true sense of the natural world...not of "mind disease" of mankind!

To each his/her own...the power of indoctrination and conditioned belief to the point of instilling fear and all kind of testimony to the congregation..

Never forget..many who attended church, temple .or mosque.for that matter, are simple kind minded people..And with power talk and influenced of the strong mind on the weak...anything can happen.. A form of psychological indoctrination !

Human mind is the most complex of living organ to transform the world of goodness or evil..lives or death.. Can we not see that happening in everyday life since the beginning of time??..The power of mind manipulates and manifest its strongest influence on the simple weak mind..

Only a strong meditating mind of awareness would stem off whatever disillusionary utterance of the powerful god...It is the men that are god not god itself!!..

god is our spiritual and emotional conviction of following a good and compassion lifestyle in relations to the evil world of human.....

patrick lee song juan

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