Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Aftermath of the three Sues !

The Aftermath of the Sue..Sue...Sue !!

The local political storm subsided somewhat on the YSL farce. And a mini-tsunami stirred the PAP camp just less than a week ago with Foreign ministar Shan-mutu starting the ball rolling and PM Lee and brother followed in the sue-ing process.

Yawning Bread (Alex Au) cannot even yawn to see ! TRE quickly threw in the towel.
(Richard Wan just said don't wan....t !)

The 'Rock of Gibraltar' is a strong as ever, any more eggs to crack on it??....S'pore can only sue others (and sure if you are in the "wrong!"..hahaaa!)

A political writer's (me) analysis of the fracas. In the eyes of the citizens, many would have the swift conclusion of the ruling system arm-locked the weaker party.. Whosoever is right or the eyes of S'poreans, is still the system not only arm-lock the supposed perpetrator but want shut off their oxygen!

Is this a democracy of freedom of expression and human rights ?? It is to the Power of Control to interpret ! Power is King everywhere on earth...not only in S'pore!!

Hence the political sourness of relationship is brewing emotionally strong again. And it would be a consequence of VOTES in the 2016 GE... Never hurt human emotions!!

PAP should know how and why they lost Aljunied GRC....A gentle friendly reminder please!!

Har! am I taking sides !!???

patrick lee song juan