Monday, February 27, 2012

Who are the benefactors of the IR casinos in S'pore?

Who are the benefactors of the IR Casino in S'pore ??

Did our economy fare badly then when we did not have casinos on our land? What are the repercussions and societal upheaval that has upset many a life of S'pore families..Problem gambling is so rampant.

Authorities always see the optimistic side of the coin, carpeting the dark side of misery of problem gamblers and their families. Couselling can do that much only. the damage had been done!

NCPG can only do that much. National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) only comes in when someone is deep in the shit. And by them, the family members and children would have been affected. It is a regression in society when we have too many problem gamblers.

The govt pushed ahead even when Lim Boon Heng- the lone ranger - cried for mercy not to approve the building of the casinos. .Few years down the road...It is the operators and the govt..that are laughing to the bank!

The worst affected are the poor and according to a finding , The poor gamble more than the average rich!..the poor can gamble $1000 of their $2000 salary or in many case finished all and be in bad debts..Hence 'legal' and illegal moneylenders are doing a soaring business without care of a damn of what society has become!

Our govt must bear the greater responsibility on the social decadence of gambling on a large scale. NCPG is just an ineffective 'good to see and hear organisation only...

As long as there are gambling in a community, no want is the wiser and more are to lose! Only as I say aain, the operators and the govt stand to gain millions or billions of the sweat money of the poor.

As though Toto, 4-D and horse racing is not enough. Casino is the ultimate death of many who cannot resist gambling..How many can , may I ask ??

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)