Monday, February 20, 2012

Why this by-election in Hougang is another test for PAP's failure!

Why this by-election in Hougang, is another test for PAP's failure !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 10:17pm ·

When Khaw Boon Wan as Chairman said WP had misled the people of Hougang, many of us do not know whether to laugh or to snub KBW's rhetorics. How can a Chairman of PAP, without even a simple thought, laid an accusation on Workers Party. With PM Lee saying likewise!.


Is it within the control of WP when YSL went astray with his philandering ? WP has no control of his private life. If for that matter YSL voted in by the residents, neglected his duty as a MP to his ward then WP is at fault to pick such an MP...As simple as that!


What KBW need to say ...would be..."It is unfortunate that after such a short 8 months WP is saddled with YSL's revelation of sexual deceit. Human failure is everywhere. I, KBW empathise with WP for that unfortunate happening. We move on and PAP will strongly challenge WP to capture back Hougang when by-election is held."..General statement of understanding..How magnanimous, right! But no KBW must uttered that WP had misled the voters of Hougang..In what way has WP misled the voters?..Just because of YSL misdeed? Can WP control his personal lust of wrongdoing?-

What had been done or what had said, will bear a repercussion on each party.

WP had done its best of damaged control by asking Yaw (YSL) to account for his wrongdoing. Yet YSL was too adamant and maintained his silence. And in so doing WP's CEC had no choice but to give a fair internal deliberation and Yaw was voted out..literally dismissed! This showed how WP can be accountable and transparent to the people and residents of Hougang.

And by such action WP is one to be emulated as setting a precedent to any other parties that accountability and transparency is the way to go, if MPs or even ministers erred in their duties..and moral undertakings.

In fact PAP was really caught unaware that WP's LTK would deliver that salvo in the strictest of discipline to his protege! And he did with a heavy heart for sure..but it must be done, in view of YSL's overtly silence, which is not an option!

With this episode causing a mini-tsunami of paves the way for a by-election for Hougang.

And PAP is in two minds...To hold or not to hold!...PAP has little choice! so out pop that lost young loser in Hougang coming out again from nowhere to tell the press if Hougang needs him , he will hold MPS for the residents...Has not Desmond Choo (DL) abandoned those who had voted for him...this I would say is a 'real misled' by DL whom residents voted him as the loser then.

A real opportunist coming out of the blue to claim his unofficial tuft as though he has ownership of it...LOL!

Let the by-election decides the credibility of a person..true to the people or a opportunist who hid under the coat-tail in losing and making a comeback..thinking he had taken Hougang already ..hahaahaa!-

The BY-election must be held and PAP knows too well, it will be another anti-climax, not of YSL philandering but of PAP losing Hougang again to WP...And it would be the reinforcement of how the people of Hougang know what is good and right for them...YSL's debacle would not ruffle a feather!

People are not daff to know what is a sincerity of action on WP's party on transparency and accountability...Desmond Choo will be 'hamtam' into a 'chapati'...predictably a second time loser if PAP will to field him....Though Eric Low held the dubious record as the rhino-skin man...insensitive to his losing and losing, until he threw in the towel..LOL!

Hougang after the by-election would still be WP's baby love! ...Bye bye love PAP, Hougang is not yours to take on in 'lust!'..hahaaaha!

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