Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chiam See Tong and his legacy lost!

Chiam See Tong (CST) and his legacy lost!

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 7:21am

We know Chiam See Tong ..and how he started SPP when he ousted himself from SDP and was projected as though others ousted him as SG from SDP he built..Hence CST started SPP..and with a tighter control of sole power!

All these years of his SPP rule and as an MP...that was his only good showing!! Along the way...many tiffs with his party people , notably with Desmond Lim. And his pinhole vision about succession when he put his wife Lina as his successor. That show the quality of his leadership..without the wisdom of picking the right successor. Desmond or for that matter Wilfred Leung would have been the right choice then! But on hindsight, Benjamin Pwee is better...Chinese saying: Back tide rushes off the front tide" -(sounds so crude...but this is a very refined Chinese prose and idiom, if spoken in mandarin! My PC not mandarin text friendly to add in !)

And during GE 2011..he as leader made a poor tactical choice of coming out of his fortress in Potong Pasir and let his wife run..And all would have know what happened!!

And his lofty ambition to win Toa Payoh Bishan GRC made him looked so minisicle against Wong Kan Seng..(the Mas Selamat man). CST was so frail and weak, he would have long retired into the background to act as adviser to the younger members and new scholar recruit in Benjamin Pwee (BP). In fact without BP, he looked totally famished by WKS!

Whatever he tries to defend himself the very fact that six young and able CEC members en-bloc exodus is testimony of his leadership and succession to the doom..Lina according, in one of a comment on my FB wall, someone said she is a wet nurse..It speaks volumes of her ability even as an NCMP..what more as Vice-chairman of SPP...

You are what you are..beyond that in stage act..people would come to terms with your acting skill. Like in parliament ..the different between a speech by Chen Show Mao and Lee Bee Wah..the vast chasm in between the delivery and finesse. It is the quality of a politician and an MP...That is the difference, cannot be the denying facts !!

I respect Chiam for what he did for opposition politics. Beyond that I do not see a strong leader in him all those years of selfish ego and power of control, no different from LKY in PAP, but it would be definitely worse if SPP were PAP for 52 years..At least PAP delivers...SPP retards and self-destructed his own succession and the party he created !!

A legacy lost in CSTand his SPP..I am sorry to say that! Regards...