Monday, May 6, 2013

How prepared will our Opposition be in the run to GE 2016 ?

How prepared will our Opposition be in the run to GE 2016 ?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Monday, May 6, 2013 at 10:19pm

Malaysia's  General Election (GE) was over and  Barisan  Nasional (BN) won with 133 seats to PR with 89.  BN is denied a two-third majority. And Pakatan Rakyat (PR)) did a little better from  82 to 89 seats from the previous GE.

The GE of Malaysia was a more volatile and dangerous election.. The eleven days of campaigning saw explosion of bombs and injury to members. But one thing is certain in the politics of Malaysia, there is no gerrymandering of boundary and no GRCs of the Govt to have a upper hand against the opposition.

Opposition parties of Malaysia especially DAP. Pakatan and PAS are a force to reckon in solidarity and unity....unlike S'pore's political each their own, and the state of affair of our opposition leave much to the desire...

Apart from WP who has already had an inroad into parliament , the other parties like SDP, NSP, RP, SPP etc are still finding it tough to penetrate the wards of PAP...

A post morten by opposition would do well for them to strategize their future engagement with PAP in the GE  2016 to come...

Every election is about the party and the people...heart shattering emotional issues.There is no better time than now to walk the grounds conscientiously to be in full view of the voters in each respective constituency that the party is to contest...Hard work will reap havest. Why is the opposition still behaving so lackadaisical to move in force in engaging the ground?

Every election, when near, will see more activities rather than the normal frequent rapport and knowing of the citizens...

PAP has come a long way to learn their lesson to re-invent themselves in such close encounter... by the way Lee Bee Wah is engaging with the residents of Nee Soon...She 'die die' must show her Ah Huay face...So, can the opposition do as such??...On this aspect, I must give LBW the credit...I do not see any other opposition members that hardworking as her....though there are more to just engaging citizens....

Nevertheless, this mode is the very basic yet rewarding stance to garner votes and better rapport. That is what our opposition is lacking...And with PAP coming on board with the National conversation and many forums on health..on housing...on education..etc, can the opposition keep pace with them.

There is little comparison in the opposition of Malaysia to that of S'pore...It is just a total different ball game.

How well our opposition can uproot more seats from the strong claws of PAP is how able the opposition can grasp this opportunity of 'high tension' of PAP's many mistakes ...Keep working on it and show the residents opposition means good alternative change from the PAP govt..

Talk is easy..working the ground may be harder.....People's charisma play a strong part in the cause of  change...But at the end of the the opposition projects it image to the populace is how the battle can be won....Unity and Soldarity is still the missing words....and please stop all the BICKERING when election is near.

We never heard of Malaysian political parties at loggerhead among themselves...(even if they did, they resolved quickly and amiably)...

Singaporeans are watching for a good performance of the opposition parties to trash PAP as hard as they can.

The time will come in GE 2016....The mantra is how to work it well !!

patrick lee song juan