Friday, May 17, 2013

On the Subject of Death.

On the subject of Death

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 11:51pm

Sumiko Tan, the editor of Sunday the Sunday life page wrote about death and a little of the afterlife after attending a colleague wake...Her colleague died at 50...a relatively young age...

If  I am not wrong..she is reaching 50, (I am following occasionally her writings) and god! is she afraid? Oh! everyone of us is afraid of death, not only her only..No one has experienced what death is...And death can never be experienced..And also is there a near death experience ???

Is death that fearful?...Yes my friends, death is fearful and hard to accept, if one is never prepared. But who would be prepared and think of dying when alive?..Not many..

At this juncture of her existence Miss Sumiko is thinking of what death is, And why not fix the age of death to everyone at 75.....Har!... wishful thinking..

Sumiko Tan's article search the mind's of people and at the same time pricks the conscience of truth..

It is not in dying that we are is how we live...In our old age if we can live a long life of refinement, it will be a blessing..Ageing is a perennial process of pro-creation of life.

We live to die peacefully...But the journey in life is full of dangers of how death can come about...sudden death in the form of sickness,  are premature death.

Death is a taboo subject to discuss. But death is inevitable in the journey to life..

A good death is all many would wish for...And that really depends on each individual....Death is that fearful and the one wish many would wish may not come true for a good death...Sickness is always the precursor to a suffering death in many cases of human existence.

Another human fear of unknown is eternity. It is as fearful as death....for eternity is beyond the realms of reality....

patrick lee song juan