Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day....

Mother's Day is tomorrow...(12.5.13)

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 7:49pm

Without mother , there will be no father. And the argument goes to say without father there will be no mother too. So, who is greater? The chicken and egg theory !

In olden times , mothers mainly were the homemakers and fathers the breadwinners. But in our present modern society, fathers and mothers need to supplement the family income. Hence , mothers nowadays, play equal role as the father.

Mothers are still great. Most children tends to be closer to the mother than father.

With society's changing pattern of living conditions, mothers played lesser role as the housewives than the maids of the house. Children are left in the care of maids since a very young age , so the bondage of mother's care is much less and the love is only felt through the heart. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Children lost the formative years of growing up with less time from the mothers due to work commitment. In the process, mother's love is seen as more distant with less family cohesiveness.

Modern mothers face the stress of society and work life and indirectly it affects the upbringing of the offspring.
 Maids are closer to the children than the mothers.

Unfortunately, this trend will be here to the modern mother can never be looked upon as devoted to the children as the mothers of yesteryear.

With such social dis-integration of social harmony and warmness...many children grew up lacking mother's love.
And we find many latchey children and rebellious kids on the rise. Is that due to the social disorder of the living with greater emphasis on family's financial wellness than moral family togetherness?

It will be a tall order to bring back the days of old..when every time a kid runs into trouble, mother would always be at hand to solve the problem. Mothers will still be around as mothers but the social norms of living is far from what a mother would be in the times of our grandmother and even our mother's era.

As for fathers...its influence on the child is not as strong as the mother even to this present day, since time immemorial...

Mothers are still best, no matter what changes the world, society or Singapore's way of life  has brought about the alienation of  family harmony and cohesion.

In part ,we blame it on the Government's relentless push for excellence, in the neglect of what a family of warm and happiness should be...Should we blame on the mothers (having to work) or the govt...?

We blame it on the social degradation of our pursuit of materialism and its needs to the spiritual solace of the family...

Mothers are not to be blamed......It is the decadence of ociety brought about by the modern world surge.

With that I wish all mothers.......

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow... remembering my beloved late mother (died at age 94 years) who brought up nine offspring single-handledly without a so-called maid in those carefree simple good old days.

patrick lee song juan

Two mothers of the modern world.....