Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is Worker's Party alienating itself?

Is Worker's Party (WP) alienating itself ?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 1:18am

WP has come a long way into the political scene of S'pore politics. We can never forget JBJ who formed the party even before Low Thia Khiang (LTK) knows what is politics. But before  JBJ, it was David Marshal who was the founder of WP.

So, it evolves to the hand of LTK when JBJ passed the baton to him..LTK made good to secure on seat in parliament then and has since been an MP for donkey years..

GE 2011 was a breakthrough by WP to trounce PAP in Aljunied GRC and history was created  when WP secured the supposedly strong fortress GRC of Georgie Yeo and team. With it, WP also secured their stronghold hougang SMC under Yaw Shing Leong (YSL)...Subsequently, when YSL was sacked due to his immoral tryst with a party member, the ward was never threatened. And Png Eng Huat wrestled Hougang against  a strong PAP challenge.

And WP went on to win Punggol East by-election (PE BE) vacated by PAP due to  Michael  Palmer picking on mangoes! So. Lee Li Lian won PE on a four-party contest and became an MP of WP

In all, WP has seven MPs and two NCMPs.  It is a milestone reached against the might of PAP dominance.

Since then, even before the  PE by-election, LTK displayed a total indifference towards opposition solidarity and unity by announcing in one of his rallies during PE BE that WP will not 'co-operate' with any other opposition parties.

So, has WP grown too alienated and strong that they believe they can stand alone in facing PAP? And what is the reason  for LTK  to be so openly stating his stand on WP. Has LTK and WP grown over and above their own imagination to be without reservation to state their stand?

At a time of political soul-searching to counter PAP, WP's bombshell serves only to frustrate all opposition. In as much as the opposition of S'pore are rather too immature to move ahead under the control of PAP in absolute power!

With the recent GE of Malaysia...many saw how the solidarity of the Malaysian Parties fought that strongly against BN and secure more that one third parliamentary seats..It will be a tall order for our opposition to do so in our very own country...It will take a number of years for our opposition to even measure up to a quarter of Malaysian oppositions. We cannot deny the truth of self-alienation of our political parties ?

We just look at SPP and RP, where are they heading now??

Hopefully, WP will not be that 'self-serving strong' to want to wear a big hat when the size does not fit. Yes! politics is all about manipulation and smart moves, but you can see many of our oppositions' Secretary-generals, being too smart and egoistic to move to doom...viz... Chiam See Tong, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Desmond Lim and Goh Meng Seng.

So, is WP and LTK alienating its party into political doomsday or is the party moving in robust pace to secure more seats from the dominance of PAP?... GE 2016 will be exciting to see not only WP but SDP, and NSP forging an inroad to political recognition...

patrick lee song juan


GE -General Election
BN -Barisan Nasional
PE -Punggol East
BE -By-election