Thursday, January 6, 2011

Liberal Democracy and Social ills

What is Liberal democracy?..the word liberal in the context of a political party means favouring progress and reform.

And what is democracy? Simply put, democracy means government by the people or their elected representative or state governed in this way or as I say 'whichever way you as people sees it?' Perplexing right? Domcracy is the rightful owner of the ruling power!!!

What is Social ills?...Aplenty !! In a society of progress...we are never void of social ills...It is the people in that society that perpetuate and give rise to social ills...How ill it can be will depends on how effective the government can handle and contain that 'illness'.

Yes! of late there a number of cases brought about by the stressful living of our society, the struggle to make ends meet. The loneliness of one's life especially the senior 'home alone' old folks! This can be said are also social ills brought about by the progress of the modern world, the modern family nucleus, the modern S'pore! Smaller families has certainly killed off the family cohesiveness of warm in a extended family. I too am a victim of circumstances brought about by the exertion of 'liberal democracy' in our very own society!

The cases of flashy flesh will happen anywhere in a society of stressed human beings. Some according to a noted consultant psychiatrist may just want attention, some may be going 'bonkers' due to the pressure of living overwhelming them. Others like the 19 year old classy girl who checked into Fullerton problems of her parents affecting her. So she needed attention to solve her predicament. And what a way to do it in style!! We may not know even her true motives.

As society progress, we pay a price for the advancement...whether to First World or to 'oblivion'. In this respect the government has a social responsible to see and set right any misgivings of the citizens life. In so far as, not to add to the misery of living specially for the poor and deprived and penniless old folks. PAP government has a social responsibility to set right the widening of the class difference, the wage gap, the rising cost of living, the floodgate of foreign imports...

The rich are getting richer ..The poor are crying out loud but to a deaf ear. The government is not doing enough in this aspect.

A society and for that matter a country having the world's first in many things, if the government cannot even see to the social uplifting of the decent lives of its lower poor citizens, what is the use to have everything under the sun but the rays are shinning at the targeted people who only shape their own interest and the interest of their cronies and leave the rest gasping for a little or no ray of hope...???

We are a First World Singapore brought about by the monopolistic rule of the PAP and as it is, our very lives are hanging in the balance..Surely Singapore has progressed under PAP, only the progress made good on the ruler's agenda...the poor are still struggling.

Do the citizens want to go on like this?

Exercise your very rights legitimately in the VOTE and vote it right?

Talking alone is only wasting our breath. We may not have that much left ??

Do we need to wait for another 20 years for a change?? Many may be dead by then! included.

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