Monday, January 24, 2011

The Collapse of a Dynasty ! -MM Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Today..MM LKY dropped a bombshell in Sunday Times by saying..."I am not interested in building a Dynasty?"

After 51 years of PAP rule and now our wise old man said that? Is it a wake-up call to his party younger colleagues ?

Or is it he has a 'premonition', this 'coming mother of election,' will see a strong contest and beating of the asses of some 'good-for-sitting-only' in parliament of PAP members...notably Charles Chong...who remarked that Singaporeans (S'poreans) are 'lesser mortals.'

As it is, it is always gracious to exit a scene and leave a strong impression. With funfare or not, it does not matter. It matters when people just cannot move on away from the power and limelight they hold dear! Clinging on to a legacy of once great achievements, sadly, for MM LKY, with many gaffes and bloopers.

MP Chiam See Tong's case (CST), it is so heartbreaking to see a once credible MP and supposedly leader of the opposition fell under his own indignity....It would be an ungracious exit in his political career...Sad for a man I did admire even with his earlier years' excusable shortcomings...until now !!

Singapore Peoples Party (SPP) and Desmond Lim has not resolved their differences till this day...It may or may not be a civil case pending?..the ball is kicking in CST's court !!

PAP's hegemony as a one party rule of dominance, drastic, draconic at times and trashing 'down the citizens throats policies' deemed good to them with little regards to the disconsolation of the general public..A case in point and I will always mention it...The Transport Fare restructure across the that not draconic and authoritarian ...what is ?

The suffering old folks have to eat humble pie ? Raymond Lim is next to be booted out !!!

PAP holds dear the dynasty of succession through party lineage and Lee family perpetuation of the famiLEE.

Where else in the world can you find a country run as a Corporation with all the MM's men and daughter-in-law and the many cronies!

Is MM Lee sincere in his saying in today's published Sunday Times..'I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BUILDING A DYNASTY?'

How 'heart-warming' is such words...May I ask..the dynasty of the LEE family or the dynasty of the PAP dominance ???

We will leave it to the awakening of the voters and the citizens of S'pore to debate the repercussion of a statement of such magnitude !!...The world is really transforming and S'pore is changing too , so is PAP !! Have the oppositions changed for the better ??!!

Are the opposition ready to take over....YES, and NO, but only..Slowly yet Surely...though not in another 15 to 20 years time...The challenge is opened for the Oppositions to work their ways in solidarity.....Regards.

patrick lee song juan