Monday, January 24, 2011

Singapore a Nation of Paradoxes ?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7:58am

With all the high powered talks with the who's who at the forum of the Institute of Policy Studies just ended..will it come to anything concrete?? Academics and experts are only human....If you got a mouth, a proper tongue you can talk right ? Wong Kan Seng is a good elusive talker and he delivered the key-note speech !

Singapore a nation of Paradoxes?..Yes, it is! In relentlessly pursuing S'pore to be first in the Global setting and growing a GDP not for the masses but for the system, S'pore's society has seen better days !! We see progress, we see wealth but where did it all go to ??...Your guess is as good as mine.

The greater influx of foreigners and as Sylvia Lim pointed out..we used to have 86% Singaporeans, now our citizens numbered 63%..So are the real S'poreans being sold out!

The social and demographic upheaval of life to the average S'poreans is far-reaching...Our space are encroached..our wellness of living jeopardised, our transport squeezed like sardine cans, our public housing go beyond the reach of many citizens. And only lately..the government is hearing our desperate cries in the wilderness..but it came too late..even the recent more drastic curb on private property speculation..the sky had already blew open !!

How we as Citizens see ourselves for the next 10, 20 years?...Doubtless our children and our children's children will be fighting hard to survive in a Singapore brought about by the draconic rule and insensitive to our cries of enough, enough, do something, we need help!

PAP having ruled S'pore for 51 years ...with the 'rigid' transformation of the last 8 years the 'failed' or drastic policiies changes the very structured of life even in a poor old folk..Tough years to go with pace of globalisation at all cost!!

Can we see ourselves as citizens of S'pore, our motherland moving away from our very doorsteps with the unrealistic pursuit of a 'Shangri-la' for the super rich, the inner circle of people, the elites and all the President's men. A nation becomes a corporation of money making entity and enrichment of themselves!

So, do the deprived, destitute, poor and senior old folks have a place to call home??

And how strong will our pleads reach the governments ears...the deaf ears of the system failure!!

patrick lee song juan