Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bra and the Pantie - a Poem

My take on bra and the a cheeky the hole-ly oops! (holy) William...

a bra is admired from the chest
a pantie is wore to cover the nest
between the bra and pantie
the joy of action is all ecstasy...

only if you can go beyond the coverage
and access the curvature of the contour
as looking is just a joy to behold!
rubba, rubba is a sensual joy......

before you realize your phallus's search
down into the pantie 's 'holy land'
and such is the nature of men
forever looking into the hole-ly scent !

the joy at coitus is a moment's lust
temptation is a minute strong
if you can beat the odd to stay clean
your fidelity will make you an evergreen ! - leesjuan (copyright))

patrick lee song Juan