Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chiam's saga continues with a Bombshell dropped by Wilfred Leung!

Wilfred Leung, Chiam's trusted aide, on New Years gave Chiam(CST)the best gift he had ever received at the start of new year 2011....The saga is unfolding.....And MSM made it a point to highlight the 'event.' Forever MSM !

Chiam of SPP has outlived his legendary days. It is sad that the debacle and fiasco of SPP is the setting of Chiam himself. He 'single-handedly' raised the party and in the same measure killing the party..LOL!

Unable to let go of his 'absolute power' (no different from PAP), it would be history repeating (but remotely not, for sure) if SPP could come into power...'ban ban tan..tan koo ea hoo' (translation: wait long will get)

As I had written a couple of notes in my profile column, what is the best win-win solution for Chiam but he is adamant to have his way. And a good man in Desmond Lim, Chiam sees as a threat to him (selfish leader will never have good ending).

Now initiating a disciplinary committee to ask Desmond to show cause..WHAT CAUSE?? And Chiam already by his power removed Desmond (DL) as ASG of SPP and surely it seems Chiam (CST) is trying to 'kill' DL off but the kamma fell on himself..Real sad....And Lina Chiam added to CST's disgrace !!I really felt sad when i saw you at the TOC 'Face to Face' forum...How a man of 'immense admiration' from me..become a man he is today..weak..irrational and with the ravage of the two strokes is a weak sick man still hungry for power not his life......The transience of our passing and living....

Dr Wong Wee Nam which I know, wrote a 'sentimental accolade' to CST in onlinecitizen. BUT MANY TRUTH WERE HIDDEN!!...Yes! earlier years CST was seem as a ('good and gentleman') opposition leader before Low Thia Khiang of WP. But as events and events unfolded through the years, SPP was totally stagnant under CST's leadership and when DL try to bring in new blood and was seen by CST that DL wanted to usurp his leadership...How sad!! Selfish leadership thinking!!

IN life and in any setting of power in political parties or organisations, if one does no know how to let go and have a succession plan, the party will stifle and regress. this is happening to SPP. Ever wonder why PAP is so successful in their succession plan and smooth transition of seemingly unselfish leadership ??

And 2011, Wilfred Leung..CST's trusted aide sent Chiam the best present he ever received..Wilfred's resignation from SPP (reason given was work commitment...but there is more to the hidden truth...many are no fool to conjecture...)

There is still hope and face-saving for CST...bury the hatchet and come to a win-win solution with his former protege DL (see the bigger picture of party unity and opposition wellness!! )

In fact PAP is just 'giggling' away without even have to waste any ammunition and some opposition are as good as dead !!

IS THAT WHAT OPPOSITION POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT IN S'PORE...bickering intra and inter-partying like in a 'celebration of 'siokology' to ruin each other. And two days ago a NSP candidate commented about a opposition party member in Wan Bao....Is politics masak-masak for opposition ??

So, in that case let us open a GADO-GADO stall than be in politics ?? Regards.

patrick lee song juan