Sunday, January 9, 2011

Citation poem in memory of Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ)

My belated Citation in memory of Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ)
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 8:23am

Your birthday is eternal. You are a legend in your own rights..JBJ.
You fought all your battles against PAP, unrelentingly stubborn.
We admire your never-say-die attitude but Time just took your life
away and your legacy is perpetuated by your son Kenneth (KJ) to
battle the odds of political hegemony of the PAP dominance of 51 years.

My belated citation poem in memory of JBJ...

you fought you last fight..
till death then PAP got some rest
even till today, your indomitable spirit
lives on till eternity.

your son KJ may emulate your legacy
but the opposition road is so treacherous
a mis-step, a wrong word you are totally exposed
with the MSM mouthing rhetorics of PAP tune..

hope your message is simple and clear
or it will take years to overcome the PAP fear
now is the time for the awakening
will all oppositions be in one mind

to put more candidates in parliament
failing which is many a citizens'loss
by the very action of nailing ourselves to the cross
another suffering for the citizens of Singapore!!

(copyright -leesjuan)

patrick lee song juan