Saturday, January 21, 2012

Answer to Jammie Wong , the faceless Facebook personnel !

Answer to Jammie Wong , the faceless FB personnel !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 8:20am

JAMMIE WONG (FACELESS) questioned ME ON FACEBOOK..Her question below and my answers!

Jammie Wong's question of my intolerance......

LoL :) u seems to be more tolerant to anonymous whose view u share ....than one that questions.

12 hours ago ·

Patrick Lee Song Juan answers:....

Question is Ok as long as rational and in its proper perspective...for I am not one used to be gratified by others..As long as within the purview of political oneness and truth, nothing can be hidden in the closet.

I was at parliament when the ministerial paycut debate was on and I heard Chen Show Mao (CSM) spoke, a gem of delivery and steadfast..But before that, it was a real tactical error of PAP to put Ah Lian Lee Bee Wah (LBW) on the rostrum before CSM (you can really compared the vast difference of refined speech to sycophancy. LBW rattled her piece of 'milk of mother politics'..What is she trying to prove in a roundabout beat around the bush.

In a nutshell, she Lee Bee Wah (LBW) is only sucking up to say 'aye' to the pay-cut...Just say it and spared our agony in the public gallery to laugh at her TCSS.(talk cock sing song).

You should know Jammie, the greater truth of political intertwined and awakening is just around the corner and in the next GE...any party who is worth their salt will be voted in..PAP has lived its legend long enough to be a self-fulfilling party of elitist gain and higher echelon shares of tax-payers' wealth, leaving the poor falling far behind!

Do the average ordinary citizens have anything to look for with the high GDP and strong bottom-line?...Many of us looked forward to be taxed more and more!! Can the citizens after 52 years still stay that dense as having eyes but cannot see???...The class segregation of PAP turning its party into an elitist scholaristic empire of 'intelligent dudes' who totally lack the emotional intelligence to empathise and understand the voters needs and life struggles for the very motherland of theirs.

Do you think with all the 'emotional dilemma' of voters as Georgie Yeo said ..(before his famous BIG time lost,)...voters choice would be crystal clear! A political tsunami is on the shoreline reaching the very core of land, sooner than PAP can even transform their gaffs and bloopers and idiosyncrasies !!

Yet with all the foreigners turned citizen given the better option in many fields. S'poreans had endured too long , too disappointed with the 3rd and 4th generation of idiot dudes scholar MPs and ministers who just shot into stardom pulling on the main puppet string..

.Let us be really honest with ourselves...Is TPL (Tin Pei Ling) really MP calibre, or for that matter Josephine Teo,a doubtless YES-WOMAN- minister of state??..Her not paying attention in parliament on a question and wanted to be repeated 3 times, is a real pain in the ass and spoke for itself. I was at the public gallery laughing my ass off that day! And many others also laughed...that is the quality of Yes People!!

Grace Fu may fumble but at least she got that angst to hold herself, so is Lui Tuck Yew (Ah Tuck) sincerely trying to do his best (thought he had no choice, has he?)

In every facet of organization or party, there are smart people and too smart alecks who just want to prove nothing but speak just for speaking sake and that is the defeating point of an MP who want to act like a pierrot and poppycock !!...Regards!

patrick lee song juan