Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lawrence Wong and his 'water-colour' ways!!

Lawrence Wong showing his colour again, questioning WP's stand on the ministerial paycut!

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 4:25pm


Lawrence Wong, the publicity and publication sub-committee chairman of PAP, asked if the WP change was due to a principled approach or 'political opportunism.'

This dude newbie was trying to say why WP pegged it to the MX9 pay grade. When formerly WP tried to peg it to the bottom 20 percent?

Why is this pierrot so uptight about the change? Why is he making a mountain out of a molehill, when PM Lee already summed up everything and approved by parliament after so much wayang debate.It was a foregone conclusion from the start...Just because of PAPs' dirt pay , they must be seen as working their ass off in parliament!

Is Lawrence wong trying to throw his weight around as a new entry coat-tail hanger-on, bootlicker, ABC...or is he having some hidden agenda because WP was voted in parliament legitimately?

Generally, WP perform well..especially Chen Show Mao (CSM)..Why don't you lock horns with CSM but to pinpoint on Gerald Giam .Lawrence knows he cannot hold a candle to CSM....Stop your 'rhetorics' and move on....young man!

We will be watching your performance till 2016...Don't just talk COCK and up YOUR OWN ASS.... So, you are minister-of-state for education and defence...To many, you are just a hanger-on to PAP....LMFAO!

You are just an ordinary human among us ( with a title and dirt pay), if not in PAP, YOU ARE NOBODY!!...So, stay discerning.

To many, you are what you are if not what you are not..understand Lawrence!!!

Silence sometimes is the best answer...only if you are the PM, you have the last say..are you??..Only an inexperience new entry into politics and want to teach others' grandfather how to suck eggs...LOL!

patrick lee song juan