Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Humility, the Transformation, the Holy Baptism of Fire and the Change!

I was in the public gallery when parliament sat on 9th of is just a coincidence that LKY walked out, he is old and frail now , needed rest. But the human mind and ideas worked wonders. And because of that people said at the back of their mind that LKY maybe ,snubbed her. Human are subject to their own 'deadly' thoughts and wide-ranging ideas.

I guess whatever was the reason Tin Pei Ling (TPL) entered parliament-which we all knew, on a string-attached....I personally conversed with her once during a function with Teo chee hean as VIP. organised by Health Promotion Board (HPB). She tagged along.

TPL was 'raw' in answering my question. I was doing volunteer work for HPB (involving healthy living and eating nutritious food for health) at Sengkang two months ago.

We disseminate our likes and dislikes of living and characters with an open mind. I believe as long as in the long-haul, TPL can really do something for the people of S'pore, especially the poor and senior citizens - be she in PAP or opposition party, it really does not make any is in the heart of a person , not the party..See Lui Tuck Yew showed sincerity in answering and seriously wanted to solve the SMRT fiasco. And dowager Saw Phaik Phiak (SPH) got 'phaik"- (slap) out.

At the end of the day, a parliament, as Workers Party (WP) said must be First World, which I believe , putting more alternative opposition voices into it will be the ultimate answer to PAP's dominance and past arrogance!

I view the political process of any country as, when a government stepped beyond their rational ordinance and over-subscribed their importance and not heeding the feedback and grouses of the very people that voted them in - is when it is time to REMOVE THEM ALTOGETHER.....That is the reason 60-40% ! Lucky for PAP, not 100%..wishful thinking lah... me!

LIBYA would be a good example why Col. Gaddafi was removed in the Arab Spring uprising in the Arab world. When the citizens are suffering with great emotional stress and struggling with their daily life and the government turned a deaf ear. Living in 'nonchalant comfy' in their luxurious ivory towers and many citizens are pushed to the cliff.

In the world of politics, as you rule and dominate, "it is not the power of control but the power of letting go"... (that statement I emailed George Yeo in 2006 when PAP swept the political scene again!)... that is the paramount mantra of a good government...For when any government stays on for too long....their absolute power would have emboldened their sense of arrogance and defiance that no one can beat them to the finish line. A deadly mental block!..And that is the time to totally extermination that kind of mental deficiency of thinking...because then the drawing is on the board to change for a better government..And the political cycle of change moves with natural transformation....the voters decision!

Hence, the lost of Aljunied GRC was a catalyst of change not because PAP wanted that change (due to their blindness to see their absolute control) but by the power of the people who voted wisely in Aljunied GRC, the whole of S'pore begins to breathe some fresh air of relief. I am also a resident of Aljunied and I am so proud of the great decisive change!!! and I voted in the right party for Aljunied GRC !! A political awakening for everyone, more for PAP !!!!! Is that a sarcasm ?

Would PAP ever listen when they were in full control all those years to the peoples plight and feedback ????_NO !

Now is the awakening...the holy baptism of fire _see how the personality and character of the party and its lofty-headed ministers can be so congenially accommodating...WP is the catalyst for the change..and the citizens of S'pore catalysed that strong infusion and combustion...PAP is now guarding their arses..not to break wind in the wrong direction.Our S'pore atmosphere is too crowded with the foreign influx already!

Ah Tuck is a good example of a working minister who is the change for PAP..I will not 'tuck you'...Mr minister -everything is in your HEART not in or with your party. One up on your performance!!! Regards.