Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Erosion of Lunar New Year Traditions.

Lunar New Year is only days away....Nothing new about it but prices of everything , especially the 'bak kwa ' is going to sky-rocket. Many businesses take this apportunity to maximise their profit...The general global economy do not look healthy...

We must not be too extravagant on our spending. But think of the poor and penniless, especially the senior old folks who lived on their own..As the world move into the modern era...many traditions of our Lunar New Year have eroded into oblivion. Apart from the red packet-'ang pow' is a must, (money cnnot be obsolete!) other traditions of practice just vanished or not follow!

Fire -crackers were banned and it really affected the joyous noisy atmosphere. Now, each Lunar New year is so quiet, only noticable when children put on new attires and families bring the mandarin oranges to show respect to those older than them and their parents and grandparents These practice too is not strictly adhere to and we are losing the value of our family hierarchy of respect...Young relatives hardly visit their uncles and aunties to pay respect on the new year. Reunion dinners are a pathetic sight with , if you are lucky 4 members eating together..

.The days of big cohesive warm family during my Mom's time was over. My Mom bored 9 offspring. Today's family only have two siblings.We lost the value of our worth , forget our ancestor, hardly pay respect to close elder relative. We are moving towards a Lunar New Year of just fun and enjoyment for the new generation not the traditional festival of customary importance...The old world is superseded by the modern era of lost human values and traditional family values and practices...It is a sad world of change..yet we cannot fall back in the time tunnel!

patrick lee song juan

"Speak only if you can perfect on your silence."