Thursday, January 26, 2012

The failure and fall of Great men!

The Failure of Great men the world over.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 8:41pm

The Failure of Great Men.....the world over!!

What is the failure of men? Career progression, job satisfaction or unhappy married?

Men can succeed faster in any field if they work extra hard. But no matter how great or how successful a man can be...if he is unable to rid himself of lust and desire, it will be his death knell waterloo! And women are men's nemesis.

Beggars die by their empty bowl! But great men die by the women's hole! That seductrous hole of sensuous sexual lust and gratification!

During the sixties, the greatest sex scandal of Britain's War minister Profumo and the famous courtesan Christina Keeler made him lose his job.

On the local front many years of our minister Dr Lee Cheow Meng former education minster in the early years of LKY's PAP government stepped down due to affair of the heart!

Can our politicians stay clean on lustful affairs? S'pore is unique. There are no known big cases of ministers involved in sexual scandals! The ruling PAP is very strict about that. And LKY will not hesitate to act on such behaviour involving his ministers then or even now!

Malaysia has its fair share of sex scandals staining the name of PM Najib and a Mongolian girl..till she was blown to bits and dead people tell no tales!

Today, it was breaking news or rumour that WP MP having an affair with an opposition party married woman..Let the truth be known if it was pure allegation !

The final truth be proved.

The truth and honesty of one's life , when our conscience are clear, nothing can harm our steadfastness. The ultimate truth must be unveiled towards accountability and credibility of WP and the opposition party.

Is this a hidden agenda to discredit a upcoming WP MP or is there some truth in it?

Nothing should be left to chance! Clear the conundrum and move on in untarnished water.


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