Thursday, December 23, 2010

My comment to FB netizens on how the government can help the Poor?

Sorry Guys..just back since mid-day from SAGE-volunteers X'mas gathering and with me around..they really enjoyed the fun, laughter and togetherness. I was emcee for them again !!

A wealth of knowledge for me. In fact this was my comment to Julie Sim on (Facebook ) John Yam's thread on X'mas which I copied to my Blog.

Notably, Andy is impressive with his research on the UK job and retirement scenario..whereby hopefully our government can pick up a point or two from them..focusing on the basis of our local context.

Many poor and destitute of S'pore are helped by the private VWOs like Food for the Heart started many years ago by an expatriate lady who roped in a few like-minded individuals to delivery 'un-saled' bread to poor households. And the greatest thing was...they did it with their own time and money and transport in the beginning..Now, i am glad, they set up a proper organisation and granted IPC status.

Christine Laimer is one hell of a lady with a compassionate heart for the deprived poor and penniless who started Food for the Heart. I salute her...not the high and mighty charity houses who on the pseudo-facade of charity..siphoned millions away for self and the government got the dexterity to give them only light sentences...LOL!

This is what we call real help without any ostentation and 11,000 beneficiaries. I guess Andy is doing a great job in charity too...Keep up you good work Andy. S'pore need many many people like your kind!! 'Action speaks louder the motto of life.'

Yes! Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) is gracious to admit his party is a novice on the scene..and as far as what is happening on his front...he is doing just fine....Especially with his 'high power lady lawyers' probing up the tell me..who in the PAP dared to sue KJ..even MM LKY has to think twice...But KJ...we move on in this political arena of diversed opinions...favourable and unfavourable..we gather and analyse the substances to the frivolity...but we do not have to banned people..Tan Kuan Han (FB) is a brilliant young chap I met and conversed with him a month or so before...Do you know I do gain from his youthful wisdom, when he chatted with me...

KJ..keep up your positive work and in true honesty...your party with good and 'open credibility', will do well in this coming election...not because of your beauties in it nor the high qualifications!! is the essence of people and I will never forget Irene Ho..(haha!..really missed her), her drive, her write-ups and her 'fire' as a lady...just tell me how many can hold a candle to her..except Siok Chin of SDP..but unfortunate, she is a victim of her circumstances...another strong, powerful lady with that fiery drive..OMG!..

The other is WP's Sylvia Lim..articulate and her law background gave her the added advantage to tread cautiousness against PAP...And the only other lady I admire is Dr Lily Neo..the petite sweet lady MP borne into a different era of PAP dynasty. She was held up for promotion again just recently....But her heart is still with the poor people, all these years..shows great compassion and understanding of the human milk of kindness...Can our male opposition candidates measure up to them?? Or even the young third generation Male Chauvinist Pig (MCP) PAP MPs and ministers ??

I have nothing to say about the high and mighty women-in-white ministers and MPs who just harp the master tune and ride the 'smooth boat home safely.' Lim Hwee Hua is a clear cut case.

David..thanks for the many of the other articles written were just below the belt lah!...hahaaha! Your rationality and your sensible questioning and engaging with the ding dong pussy of mine really a totally different person..So..Philipine charms and beauties there had something to do to your change of self be so..loving ...You must have taken many love-portion No. 9 in Philipines..Mabohay !!

DDP Wilson is still a 'minion'...hahaaha! And if I left anyone out due to my old age..please blame me on my stamina and 'dementia'...I can never compare with David the 'Barbeque' and Wilson the Sumo Wrestler...You both really do not interest me the least...I am just looking forward to meeting Irene Down-under and my 007 spy agency had located her hideout!!....

Thanks gentlemen and ladies for the learning process. Never know an 'inconspicuous article' can ignite so much fire.....if only it is fired from Irene lah!

patrick lee song juan