Thursday, March 8, 2012

Domestic Workers (DWs) need a day off too !

Domestic workers need a day off too!

Human always take advantage of human especially if you are a 'lesser mortal', (MP charles chong said that )..So from time immemorial domestic workers (DWs) are exploited and worked till they literally dropped dead!!

Are we human enough to treat human as such?..All are bored by their mothers and have fathers too...So do you!! Having said that..there are good employers too, doubtless.

As this off day a week is going to enact by law next year, many employers (who only think of their own off-days) are up in arms because of a wider implication and complexities of giving DWs a day off each week.

A true experience of one of my sisters..She allowed her maid to move freely and when free, she can go downstairs and chit chat with other maids..Behold!..came the Bangladesh boys and problem arises of love-making and sex..She was sent home!

So...what are the repercussion of this issue when the authorities did not even consult a wider feedback of the population...and with one sweep, it is going ahead with the implementation. Is the govt consultative and respect the views of citizens and employers??

Wha t will happen if maid got into trouble...So, the buck is pushed to the employer to hold the responsibility of their maids..It is not so fair to speak if each week she goes out and get herself into trouble or become pregnant, employers would have their $5000 bond forfeited and still got to pay for the other troubles of sending the maid home...Is that a fair deal in the first place?

The policiy-makers are so daft and so straight as to dulldoze a national wide domestic workers (DWs) policy just like that??

Greater understanding of how, why, at times employers do not want DWs to have too many off -days..Yes! there are many DWs who are responsible of their own welfare to fall into trouble and got impregnated.

Hence, on the very surface, when the authorities push for something to be implemented..did they have that scholastic angst and commonsense to see a more obtuse angle, or they just see a 5 degree lesser acute angle of their myopic intelligence??...Mind you many in the elite ruling govt are all scholars hor!..I rest my case!..regards.

I for all would like to see domestic workers (DWs) being treated like human too!

patrick lee song juan