Sunday, March 11, 2012

A visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery.


Today in the morning a group of like-minded people converged on Bukit Brown to try to bring more awareness to the forgotten haven of rustic green and ancestor cemetery. The natural beauty of the vast green undulated with plots of tombstones..Some magnificently built.

It would be a real lost to our ancestral heritage and our tradition of burying our forebears. In land scarce S'pore cremation is the norm now..We have lost the very practice that our forefathers bought to Nanyang (S'pore) when many sailed here with only a bag of clothing on their back..And many in those early era was coolies or trishaw riders.

But many made good and beame famous on the own rights and helped their clan people established a name in S'pore..People like Lim Loh (Lim Bo Seng's father- the general who was tortured by the Japanese and diedied in War World II)... Ong Sam Leong (Boon Tat's father where Boon Tat Street was named after him...and many more!

S'pore must look beyond the the dollars and cents thing and bring into equilibrium the heritage of a past era which can never be savored by any amount of money. Or in the name of advancement and development of super highways!!...What is the point when we do not even pay the respect to our ancestors they so greatly deserved when they built S'pore with their blood and sweat..Every ancestor buried at Bukit Brown was a S'porean who in one way or another contributed to the survival of S'pore even before PAP-ilogy was even heard of!

Now in one 'order' (is it from LTA) or from whoever is so powerful to know not their very ancestors!!..They want to destroy a natural heritage of a perpetual resting place of our forebears- BUKIT BROWN.

MOST OF US DO NOT BLAME Tan Chuan-jin...he is only a minster of state and MP..There are more mightier behind who mapped the destinies of S'pore and our way of life, rightly or wrongly!!

And to these people...never forget your roots,...your traditional values...your ancestors...Would you still be in existence if not for them to procreate and bring you into this world.....So let us remember our roots...SAVE BUKIT BROWN...A RUSTIC HEAVEN ON EARTH..a unique cemetery of vast history!!..

.AND THE SERENITY OF THE RESTING PLACE is a true ABODE for our forebears !! Please let all of them... REST IN PEACE without any exhumation.

— with Wayne Wong and 14 others.

patrick lee song juan