Saturday, March 24, 2012

Political connections: Asset or Liability?

Political Connections : Asset or Liability?

NUS is holding a talk on the above subject on the 26th of March..i have registered to attend with a friend.

What is political connection in the S'pore's context?
The road to stardom is as easy as ABC in a simple scenario of ting Pei Ling (TPL)...If she doesn't have any political connection in her hubby being the PPS of PM Lee, do you think she can sail easily into parliament as an MP....She may not be spotted even in this nepotic setting of our political connect!

And to name others like Grace Fu, Desmond Choo, Ong Ah Heng's son and the load of rubbish connection of the ruling elites.

So, the system is no different from any system of political connection in the world.

And even in the opposition arena, the political connection holds dear and strong...Chiam See Tong inducted his wife, a political nobody into his succession and behold she lost her election but due to the system's rule, was a NCMP in parliament. She is learning her trade well, it seems.

And we have other political connection, not necessarily to go into politics. When Aljunied GRC was still under PAP, the political connect of the system saw the upgrading of Bedok Reservoir given to the General Manager of Aljunied GRC Jeffrey Chua and he is also Managing Director of CPG Facilities Management and all contracts were given to his company. Cynthia Phua was the then Charman of Aljunied GRC..Was there a conflict of interest in this political connection???

It was published even in the ST of May 12th 2011. Prime page A4..only days after they lost the GRC...So this is downright "political connection of the legal corrupt kind!!

Saw phaik phaik too has political connection in high places to secure the top post as CEO in SMRT...It was an unwritten knowledge for all...With her qualification not in the technical aspect of SMRT, if as a normal woman applicant, she will never even be shortlisted. that is another form of political connection. And it went to the extent that speculation of Saw phaik phaik is a good friend of Ho Ching- PM's wife..ha haa h!aa!..Well! well!

In Political connection..definitely the asset is more than the liability. Liability comes only if a country is not stable and like Libya was overthrown by the people and many political connect cronies too have to run for their lives..S'pore will never have this kind of chaos! We are peace-loving citizens...all indocrinated by the systems ideology to stay well within the law, or our wings had been clipped already!

So , when the government talk about merit and meritocracy in S'pore ..we know what it is like. Merit, meritocracy, political connection and political preference are all the words and control of the ruling elites.

Like it or not that is the political connection of our S' too can be connected too..Just join PAP or befriend the systems high and mighty people and be obeisant to your master.

That is also the stepping stone of how the CC and RC work in the Grassroot level of political connection under the purview of People's Association. And it is under chairman PM LHL.

Is there a breathing space for the ordinary people to move up in such political connection???

patrick lee song juan