Saturday, March 17, 2012

Politics is a dirty and selfish business!

Politics is a dirty and selfish business !!

In answer to Amy Lauschke comment on my note on legacy of LKY......

In the world of politics and in our S'pore context...those early years were of nation building, was all from scratch. LKY did well to consolidate his power with his team...It would be either PAP or others, in the arena of dirty politics. The one who strikes first, by whatever means would vanquish the oppositions. (Hence, I had never considered myself a 'hard-hearted' politician as compared to LKY (and there is, in fact no each his own).

I was sourced by NSP even as early as 1990, when Ken Sun was SG of NSP (I have document proof of what I say -with substance)...Then, I was with (Associate professor) Philip Motha Consultancy Pte Ltd as a Director in the marketing and valuation arm of our property firm. Who would want to be in politics then with the political climate of uncertainty in S'pore. My kids were young too. Hence, I show great respect to all politicians for their sacrifices be it PAP or oppositions. Not now with the newbie PAP hanger-on scholars inducted into a well-orchestrated party.... to become instant ministers and well connection MPs... And many of them talk cock sing song, under the brolly of PAPAtology..

We may refute LKY's early years of contribution, but the bare facts were written as I said in the annals of S'pore History that he was one of the outstanding contributors of S'pore's success story.

Like it or not, who in power would not want to grasp and consolidate power as one's own and even amassed wealth for self and family...For that reason..I would not trust myself, if I were to be in LKY's shoes, maybe it would be no different!!

History shows how rulers passed on succession after succession to one's family. Even in opposition context of one older party...the succession baton was passed to his wife...There is no different in human selfishness and power of control.

As we move on into the next lap of S'pore's political power control..PAPitology will not be able to hold firm to its hegemony. We already seen the awakening of the young Titans and the political force brewing a new cup of tea!

Come GE 2016...PAPiautocracy would have suffered another greater blow with the quality of some of their newbie eager to impress 'dude' politicians of their elite class of high intelligence scholars but lack emotional intelligence.. Other oppositions are deemed 'weaker mortals"...LOL!

S'pore will see a new awakening.....of mixed power!! A two-party system would be a good change for checks and balances. Mark my word.

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