Monday, March 5, 2012

The LOVE of my life - My Wife

The LOVE of my life...My WIFE.

Wayne wong inspired the reminiscence of my love life and how to live with your the other half to gain blissful harmony!!...Read on please.....

Though a wife who is Western educated but oriental conservatism..She said kissing can transfer germs...those years I always gargle with Listerine! just joking !

Let me share with you the love of every average people like me..Courtship is heavenly bliss...everything also can....When she wanted the try to get it by placing a basin of water and when the full moon shines in the basin of water..just grapped it for her...Solved!

Then comes married...first six months, enjoyed the living daylights of just married and all the sexual love making...

When the firs baby arrived...Sex life pattern also changed....More time for baby than for sex...Second kid comes and due to S'pore's policy of stop at two...wife went for ligation and ho! and presto! sex life took another turn..Too busy with two kids..too tired for sex.. or is it the ligation has side-effect ?

My sacrifice was great .....Hence I enrolled in course after course if I was not assigned overseas and studied Sexology...human psychology on relationship and development..All my certificates just enriched my further than after I embraced Buddhism and took meditation in seriousness when I was seconded to Jakarta for 3 in JKT after our 1973 t0 1975....

Came back after 3 years and got married in 1975 when I was 30 years old...Our married lasted 38 years...WHY?? is the understanding ...the mutual respect of each others space. LOVE is not all sex in our oriental custom of life..differed greatly the western love of sex as the love of marriage and how so many marriages in Western culture failed especially in the high society of Hollywood!! Where SEX and Orgies are the predominant must in love...if not divorce would be the settlement....!

MY love for my wife has never faded ...We compromised with holidaying around the world with our two kids and my son was a product of the Swiss Alps when my wife came back conceived..So cold in the mountains I played Bed-minton lah!.

So, that is the love of my life...nothing more nothing less...Definitely not like what today's Sunday Times said .....

And as my wife is suffering from Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the spine)...Fate is the destiny of life...I love her even more...sharing her suffering with me...God bless!

..She never like roses on her birthday too..When I sent that to her office, I got a good scolding that I wasted the money..That was and is my wife...How to accommodate her whims and fancies and idiosyncrasies?...I can and I live to tell the story.

Or else I be "poisoned" to death ...hahahah! (there was a true case of a wife doing that to the husband in S'pore and she was charged in court..Luckily the husband did not die).

Living has many is how you compromise your needs to meet the other half's wants that life can be a song , if not, it will be a chore to your existence....

Marriage is the final sacrifice for that 'smooth' journey with serious mutual understanding !

Never be surprised, many a difference comes only after you are married for as long as you can endure !

patrick lee song juan