Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Thought and the death of a Nightingale.

A Thought and the death of a Nightingale.

The deepest of nite, the quietness of morn
sitting at my computer, reflecting the moments of moments
can feel the flow of energy after just three hrs rest
waiting for dawn to break, the birds to appear in its nest.

to search for worms for it young
an indication of how life begins
into the helpless mouth the worm is fed....
yet in days to come, the tiny birds will spread its wings...

into a wide horizon of the blue
looking beyond its dependent days, soaring free of fear
unable to contain the paranomic view of the sky
lost in the moment of delight.

an eagle just flew into its sight
a short-lived freedom in a world of impending death
snatch by the claw of the eagle's might,
an innocent death within sight!