Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let us not be paranoid with the word 'FUCK'

Let me qualify and quantify the word 'FUCK'...When use in the right context it is a strong word meaning to reprimand or to scold .

 It is not really like I want to screw a person (having sex)...ask him to bend down and shaft it in !!

  Please have the right mindset when reading a strong statement especially with a strong emotional sentiments against the government's wrong doing....No word is more appropriate than to FUCK the system of PAP..(Peoples Action Party)

  So friends..have a right mindset and be mindful of the word, never think of the 'macabre.'  It simply means 'I REPRIMAND YOU' but the greater emphasis is 'I FUCK YOU.' And that does not mean a person is not culture enough !

 Mindfulness is the right awareness to express your dissent with the 'appropriate' of words..rather than a 'misnomer.'.

 FUCK the draconic and authoritarian system of PAP will prove the strongest point in this context !!!

patrick lee song juan