Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tell Laura I love her! - Michael Palmer & Laura Ong

"Tell Laura I love her!"

Laura and Michael were lovers
They met at a start-car race
Michael forgot his standing as MP
His standing were underneath !

Was forced to ask for reprieve
There goes his half a million fee
Now all S'poreans are singing with glee
It open the chance for a By-election spree.

But LHL is morally weak to proceed
Knowing too well the resultant fact
PAP will be thrash in defeat
Another seat lost is such a shame.

For PAP cannot take the pain
To face the reality of opposition gain
The time has come for PAP's slow decline
In the hand's of that pinky guy.

Rejoice! citizens in one heart and mind
In time to come, all our woes will be left behind.

patrick lee song juan