Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is there a lesson to be learned for the Opposition Parties??

REFRESHING OUR MIND AGAIN in a nutshell...Is there a lesson to be learned for the Oppositions to surge for an inroad into the LEE dynasty and PAP monopoly ??

Looking back into the 52 years of PAP hegemony and how PAP used underhand methods to stay in power by silencing many good opposition candidates....

Opposition was doomed from the start when MPs of Barisan Socialis (BS) walked out of parliament years back! The monopoly of PAP rule was a given gift by BS and it perpetuated till today!!!

To these day, opposition parties are still searching for an inroad into parliament.

WP created history to make the first breakthrough.. Beyond that, opposition unity is so questionable!! WP seemingly stood so independent of themselves!

 Opposition unity was and still is none...bickering was plentiful, especially when GE drew in GE 2011...

  RP and SPP's engagement of married then was like a fat lady lying on top of a skinny man...with no orgasm but brute force from RP's thrush .....and the rest was sad history....

 RP nailed its own coffin by its egoistic SG and a mass exodus took place...and that was also sad story to be recorded in opposition history....It will be tough for RP to recall the legacy of JBJ...It is  incredibly sad, shattered in the hands of KJ....

 NSP reaped the harvest by that exodus...but did not stand up strong in GE 2011..No representation in parliament. It catalyzed the departure of NSP SG Goh Meng Seng.

 SDP was also mediocre with the results of GE 2011and SPP was doomed from the start with Chiam's wrong tactical move that sank like Titanic. SDA failed too with Desmond Lim's KO in complete disbelief.

 Can the tides turn against PAP come 2016 will all depend on how well the Opposition can comprehend their own strength and weakness to challenge the dictatorial rules of PAP.

 WP in the coming by-election of Punggol East will secure it (if called by the weak kiasu and kiasee Pinky)...shattering the PAP's hope to retain their turf. Another awakening for PAP to wonder why

they are losing ground!! Citizens many have realised a change must be in the offing, to rid PAP of their arrogance of doing what they like with their absolute power...As the victor is king always !!!

 The power is fading, the demise and decline is imminent for PAP, it only needs the Oppositions to stay focus on genuine issues not farcical frivolities !!

patrick lee song juan

NSP -  National Solidarity Party
GE -   General Election
SG -    Secreatary General
SDP - S'pore Democratic Party
SPP -  S'pore Peoples Party
WP -  Workers Party
SDA - S'pore  Democratic Alliance
RP -   Reform Party
JBJ -   Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam
KJ  -   Kenneth Jeyaretnam