Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goh Meng Seng and his politics of uncertainty.

Goh Meng Seng (GMS) and his politics of uncertainty...

As a friend my Hainanese 'sukee' Meng Seng is an easy going man, very accommodating to others. No airs, was a secretary general (SG) of National Solidarity Party (NSP). A political veteran.

I first heard of him was in 2006, when he was in the team anchored by Sylvia Lim to contest the Aljunied GRC GE. Then I did not know him yet.
WP (with GMS and James Gomez) lost the GE 2006. Both then left WP.

Then we heard he had joined NSP as a member. He was not the SG yet. So 'internal strife' began and he took the position of SG of NSP.

  I am not wrong if I say all politicians want power of control. But Meng Seng is a little different. As SG of NSP, he is open to suggestions and willing to listen. My close encounter with him and his personality was before GE 2011. When our then SDA needed people to make up the GRC of Pasir-Ris Punngol, and when I contacted him, he was most willing to loan us a member. I will not mention who he was.

In fact, I personally returned to SDA for the shortfall of candidates. I was already a member of NSP then, I switched camp for the bigger picture of not wanting PAP to walk over in Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC. It was not easy for SDA a small party to induct people. I fought not to win and we know we will not win yet, but for the belief of true democracy.

  Where in the world do we see so many walkover and PAP sailed in and coat-tail hanging PAP members not voted in and become ministers then? But GE2011 was all different..only Tanjong Pagar GRG on a technicality was a walkover.

 Meng Seng as a SG is unasuming and caring, he willingly let me go even though I just joined NSP as member and gave me his blessing..Another nice guy in NSP was Steve Chia, the former NCMP. Not that the others are not nice though.

  Before and after GE 2011, even with the mass exodus from Retarded Party (RP), (oophs Reform Party), NSP's results were not to expectation. Though the percentage of voters voted for NSP was high especially in Marine Parade GRC. no member was voted into parliament, nor as NCMP. So Meng Seng knew he has to prepare his exit route from NSP. And he left in good faith after the CEC meeting.

 Now as Goh Meng Seng Freedom, he is so free to write on Facebook. And lately he was writing more on WP. If I were GMS, I will remain a little silent to perfect my mind. He even become so ridiculous to say that this Punggol East BE, WP should give way to SDP. Does he really have the astute political dimensional understanding of the picture that WP cannot and will not give way?

  SDP, is just getting their house in order after Chee Soon Juan was discharged from bankruptcy. But the stigma of past bad encounter with PAP is still etched in many people's mind..SDP cannot rush to redeem their lost legacy of past years. (Or was there a legacy for SDP to be proud of under Chiam See Tong then?) And we know how Chiam fell out of grace for his political wrong move and his nepotic succession, which consequently saw his party S'pore Peoples Party (SPP) totally wiped out. Chiam is still nursing his wounds of regret!! He should retire graciously in view of his fragile condition
due to two strokes. Clinging is a suffering, let go if he can.

 GMS should really remain silent but give more constructive political contribution at this time of PAP's low rating, not to have any axe to grind with WP. "Speak only if you can perfect on your silence"-( my often use quote). Because GMS was from WP, the more he should stay discerning,

 It was destined that way, if GMS did not switch party to be SG of NSP but remained in WP in 2011, after the GE (he was a member in the team that fought Aljunied GRC under WP banner in 2006), GMS would have been an MP earning his worth. And we would be able to see how he engages PAP in parliament.

Criticism can be sincere without the hatred of one's disposition.
As ignorance is the curse of god, knowledge and truth is where we fly to heaven. We should stay within the parameter of our worthy self.

 Silence may be golden at this juncture of political dis-array of PAP and the impending Ponggul East by-election.

  If PAP is trounced, Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) will lose more credibility as a 'SORRY' PM. And this time round no one will buy his sweet nothing rhetorics.

Heaven awakes the sleeping fool where the intelligent is caught napping !!

 My (sukee) GMS please do not be caught napping lah!

patrick lee song juan