Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The difference between Joshua B.Jeyaretnam and Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

The difference between Johsua Benjamin  jeyaretnam (JBJ) and kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) - is world's apart! A true story all would have known.

I have always respected JBJ for his true grit to fight for the right cause for S'poreans against PAP...Though he may be too hotheaded to go head-on. But he never betrayed any opposition parties or slighted them.

 When the son KJ came back from UK and was inducted to Reform Party (RP) by my friend Ng Teck Siong (NTS) then RP's Chairman, KJ did what he should not do, KJ literally kicked Teck Siong out.

Teck Siong was JBJ right hand loyal man even when JBJ was SG of WP...(Low Thia Khiang was still unknown.)

When JBJ handed WP to Low, Teck Siong followed JBJ and they formed Reform Party...

Out of nowhere KJ came back from UK and wrestled and gain control of RP and the rest was history..

Now all knows what kind of personality KJ is compared to his father which many respected....

Before the GE 2011, KJ wanted to join force with SDA (S'pore Democratic Alliance), comprising of S'pore Peoples Party (SPP), S'pore Justice Party (SJP) and PKMS. His proposal was so absurd,  it was shot down by Desmond Lim, the SG of SDA. And that began all the bickering of the opposition.Chiam and Desmond were at loggerheads due to disagreement on the proposal of KJ's points of joining SDA .

KJ was a true cesspool stirrer to dis-unite the opposition. In so doing, SPP's Chiam See Tong had tiffs with Desmond Lim, cumulated till SPP withdrawing from the Alliance after much squabbling. It was a disgrace to the opposition. PAP was having the last laugh!

Due to  KJ unreasonable leadership, a mass resignation began when about 10 RP members resigned enbloc when the GE 2011 was drawing near. Two scholars in Hazel Poa and husband Tony Tan were in the mass exodus. So, RP was crippled for good... KJ got to swallow his own medicine as the most incompetent Secretary-general to be so disgraced by nobody but himself! With that, National solidarity Party (NSP) gained by the exodus when many ex-RP members including Nicole Seah joined NSP. Suddenly NSP was a 'force' to reckon and RP sank deep into the abyss. To this day RP is so mediocre and devastated. The party is almost a shell only !

It is a legacy lost and I just feel sad for JBJ, a one time great opposition leader of S' have a "double first but triple last" son !!!

LKY had sleepless nights because of JBJ and all the dirty politics of LKY came in to nail a good man !!

JBJ died embracing the true spirit of fighting for the cause of S'poreans!!
And he was not a power hungry leader not like many present day political leaders !!

patrick lee song juan

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