Monday, December 17, 2012

Moral Hazard, Socialing Losses and Privatising Gain - The mistakes of Transport minister Lui Tuck Yew

The last thing our government should not do is to rob the citizens to fund the running of a private concern - profit-making and part-shared by Temasek Holdings!...The SMRT !!!

 Is there any morality in the way Lui tuck Yew jumped into an easy conclusion to have commuters shared the cost, by raising the bus dr
ivers wage. But U-turn due to mass-outcry and sweetly cajoled us that the increase of fare will give a smoother ride to the commuters..."Is he trying to give a lollipop to a small kid!"

A hand-picked minister, not voted in by the people under the GRC system, he lost his credibility using his shallow mindset to arouse the citizens wrath and emotional well-being with his "moral hazard" of action..

Is he fit to be the minister of transport??...but then I did gave him accolade when he started well during the MRT fiasco of mas-breakdown last year. I withdraw that! That debacle saw Saw Phiak Hwa sacked!!

As citizens must have realised that after the 'storm', the govt will not send relief assistance to its own citizens but further flame the disaster!

S'poreans are always at the receiving end! How and when can we stop all this??

Is he not causing the moral hazard by socialising losses and privatising gain under the circumstances. Yet deluding himself on the true issue !!

No one will be bothered if he acts stupid but then he is abusing that privilege !!

Many will agree with me, how can we let sub-quality ministers to be earning million of dollars of tax-payers money !!

Has PAP lost their foresight to pick such ministers like him, as well as Lim Sia Suay and Tan Chuan Jin...

S'porean are watching each and every performance of the younger cohort of ministers. So please show your worth to be earning what you are earning!!

S'poreans has been taken for bumpy rides for far too long now!

Is there another awakening to come when the indecisive weak PM LHL calls for a by-election of Punngol East !!

patrick lee song juan