Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) is in a dilemma !

The time has never been so precisely co-incidental to give PAP a great headache and pinky PM LHL his sleepless nights.

PAP is at an all time low with the emotional sentiments and wrath of the citizens unable to redress the stress and hardship under PAP. In many ways Michael Palmer (PAP MP and Speaker of Parliament) did the citizens a good favour by his marital affair and that really screw up PAP in a quandary.

We see even heaven is assisting the citizens, when the PAP, never listens but just do what they like in terms of their absolute power over the citizens and the way MOM handled the PRC drivers protest when Tan Chuan Jin said is 'illegal strike' How fair and unjustified power controls !!

The present young cohort of PAP scholar ministers have high IQ but lacked EQ...completely lost touch with the common folks and ground! Most of them harp the master's melody without the empathy for human emotion!
MP Gan Thiam Poh can say S'pore have 3.5 million people (true blue S'poreans, not including the 2 million foreigners!), hence PM LHL should have a salary of $3.5 million dollars. How idiotic is this kind of thinking!!

Now...we do not know whether to love or hate Michael Pa;mer, and according to LHL is a good Speaker in parliament. Who cannot be a 'good' Speaker if you are having a $500,000 paycheck every year excluding six to twelve months bonus !

The best of times, the worst of times is now for the people of S'pore to kick the arse of PAP and this can be done with the impending By-election for Punggol East SMC.

The citizens of S'pore are watching you, PM LHL to act with impartiality and expedite to call for a By-election. No excuses please!

Politics is not about full control, it is about how and when to let go. This will gain greater respect by the citizens of S'pore.

We adhor the authoritarian, draconic,despotic and autocratic govt ! The greed and selfishness in a govt, with no compassion for the people of S'pore, only sweet talks and unpopular policies!!

The imminent decline of PAP will be like the powerful Roman the march of time..and time is the demise of all beings...of PAP!

Punggol East SMC will go into opposition hand..with WP as the main contender if a By-election is called for.

LHL has little choice but to call for the By-election.

What will the citizens' emotions be, if  LHL decided not to hold the By-elections! He will do more damage to  PAP when he arouses the emotional health of sentient human beings...We just want you to know!

Head you lose now, tail you will lose too....Be  a decisive and caring leader. You did not demonstrate that you possess these qualities!.

I sympathise with you PM with "empathy, altruism, compassion and love" -using (LHL) your words in your sweet speech to the citizens. We the citizens won't buy that any more.

patrick lee song juan