Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why the By-election of Punngol East will be another setback for PAP?

The karma of life and one's doing cannot be taken lightly....With all these years of PAP rule, life has become more unbearable for the average citizens.
Making ends meet, loan repayment of HDB, wages not increased in tandem with the cost of living..etc...

Hence, Heaven has a way of punishing evil-doers who care more of themselves, enriching the taxpayers money than seriously helping the citizens to live by. Many lamented, life under PAP is stressful now, not like 30 years ago when life also under PAP was more 'peaceful and happy. Why??

 Events that occurred, like the SMRT drivers episode, everything is thrown back to the citizens by Lui Tuck Yew, instead of solving the root of the problem, he is defiant to increase transport fare next year. Why must the commuters suffer when it was not the citizens fault. SMRT is a profit making vehicle for Temasek Holdings, linked to PAP !!

We citizens were at our wits end and then a bolt of lightning struck! The cosmic stars assisted in human failures and misdeeds.

  Michael Palmer has to tell the whole world and (S'pore) that he has an illicit love affair with Laura Ong..."Tell Laura I love her"...The truth is PAP statement released at press conference on Michael tryst painted him courageously admitted his wrong-doing...But all knew it was a whistle-blower that cornered him to do so. So even in defending Palmer, PAP has lost their moral dignity to defend Palmer's courage, har!. Which man would admit a tryst, I won't...Would you Big Nose or Pinky or any man??

So, it paves the way for PM LHL to decide to call a by-election...With opposition parties and netizens weighing in that LHL has little choice, must hold the by-election. Michael Palmer resigned as MP and Speaker of parliament.

LHL is in sixes and sevens, knowing that PAP's popularity after so many bloppers and gaffs from his ministers, it is suicidal to hold that By-election. But then LHL cannot not call for it..The world and S'poreans are watching his weakness as a PM..Life under LHL's leadership has not become better!! All know too well why.....The nation prospers, yet the average citizens suffers !!

A weak PM is one who cannot let go to see the bigger picture of political participation. To veteran politicians of S'pore and the world, it is not a big deal to lose one little seat in view of the majority of his people in parliament. Why jerk your knee and be seen trembling??

As I always say, politics is not about control but to understand and let go at the appropriate time for healthy representation in parliament. PAP has been too comfortable with such majority that they just believe they are the only party that can rule S'pore...What a selfish thinking ?? Are they par excellence!??

 Once again Punggol East will be a close contest...but with the emotional sentiments and wrath of citizens, always short-changed by the PAP govt, citizens have been awaken to venture and try a new opposition MP into parliament!

Big Nose Teo Chee Hean may go hand-on to the Punngol East residents but does he know he blew the Hougang by-election by talking too much craps, it will do more harm than good to PAP....He spat too much nonsense from his Big nose. "Buddha said "Speak only if you can perfect on your silence" - Think about it TCH !

With PAP's popularity at all time low, and the way, Tan Chuan Jin and Lui Tuck Yew handled their respective piece on foreigner drivers and transport fiasco, it will further dent the chance of PAP retaining Punggol East.

The writing is on the wall, chances are good for Workers Party if no other party is to contest, based on the GE 2011 result of 41% to WP. The 20% of fence-sitters will swing some votes in WP's favour.

PM LHL has little choice but to call the by-election. Failing which, the world and citizens will view his indecision  as being a weak and 'kiasu' PM unable to face reality of political change and transition...And it is just one seat at stake and he must 'CONSIDER CAREFULLY !" call the by-election in his own words..

IS THAT THE QUALITY OF A PM OF S'PORE???....which many knew it is the nepotic transition of the Lee dynasty that put him now on the hot seat after Goh CT warmed it for him.

So, all knew without LKY, there will be no LHL!

  The way for a good government is as you say and I quote your words..."empathy, altruism, compassion and love!" but do you really mean what you said and the deep implication and meaning of the words or just a mouth-piece sweet talk to hood-wink the citizens...???

I feel sorry for you...and you did said a big SORRY the last GE....What happen to your sorry to the citizens...Everything bounced back to the govt's oppression and high-handled-ness again.


PAP, LHL and TCH will be dealt a big blow the second time after Hougang.
The indication is loud and clear for the slow demise of PAP hegemony...By 2021 parliament may or will have a two-party representation. It will depend on how the opposition can regroup themselves and consolidate with quality candidates..not slip-slops. And we do not need scholars too !! What have the scholars of PAP done to S'pore??

SDP may be the second party on the inroad to have a GRC in parliament if they stay with prudence, come GE 2016 !

Latest Edit (22/1/13): Now Punggol east is a 4 corner fight. But WP will still be the victor with RP and SDA losing their deposits..WP to win by 52% votes...

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LEGEND: LHL - PM Lee Hsien Loong
                 TCH - DPM Teo Chee Hean
                 LKY - Lee Kuan Yew

                 GCT - Goh Chok Tong
                 SDP - S'pore Democratic Party
                 HDB - Housing and Development Board
                 PAP - Peoples Action Party
                 SMRT - Spore Mass Rapid Transport.
                 WP   - Workers Party